Should I consider radiation ??

I have grade 4 metastasis prostrate cancer,Gleason 8 & present psa 11.4. I have started zytiga 15 days back.

About a month back since I was having problem in passing urine I had TURP done. The surgery was successful but after 3 weeks I passed blood & blood clots in my urine. The urologist after urine tests & ultrasound abdomen and pelvis gave me a 7 day course of antibiotics. The ultra sound also revealed that the bladder mouth also had a cancer growth and also the right uretha were it enters the bladder. The urologist has suggested that I have radiation but my oncologist is not keen as my cancer is advanced.

I do not know what is the right way ?

Can somebody advice?

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  • I wish you healing and advise getting two more professional opinions asap, and I think by your knowledge and doctor consensus you can make the best choice for you. xoxo

  • Sad,

    I would go with the oncologist and treat with ADT and Chemo. Radiation rarely is a good option for a long term remission when the cancer is advanced and has spread


  • A second and a third opinion is in order to help you make decisions about your next steps.


  • My bleeding is continuing.

    Radiation is the only answer.

    Will be proceeding for radiation treatment now.

    Hoping for a positive outcome.

  • Good luck and a fast recovery.

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