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Blood in Urine with Catheter usage


Husband just started using intermittent catherization 1 month ago due to feeling the urge but barely anything coming out and getting hardly no sleep at night. But now he has blood in his urine. He went to ER and they said he had a UTI and they gave him Ciproflaxicin is this normal or has anyone else had this experience with blood in the urine. I thought with an infection he'd feel sick or have a fever. His PSA was 373 six days ago and it was 250 on March 28th and has risen from 20 back in Nov 2017. He has bone mets also and I'm just worried it may have spread somewhere else now. Not due to see Dr. until the end of May. Any advice is appreciated.


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did he have an RP...could be enlarged prostate from PCa...if the antibiotic doesn't work ask about flomax

sgrama in reply to gusgold

No he didn't have that done. He's been taking Flomax for probably 2 years or more now and it used to work pretty good but then it basically has quit helping him.

gusgold in reply to sgrama

good chance tumor is pressing on urethra

sgrama in reply to gusgold

That's kind of what I was thinking might be happening. But he just told me there hasn't been any more blood since he started the antibiotic now. So hopefully it's just an infection from the catheter. He's suppose to be getting new scans done the end of the month and hopefully it hasn't gotten worse. His last scans were in Feb and his PSA at that time was 90 but now it's 373. He just finished his last treatment of Provenge on April 12th hopefully it's not causing the rise just don't know what to think anymore.

WSOPeddie in reply to sgrama

ER people are quick to assume an infection and apply anti-biotics. I went there for a retention problem and was treated with anti-biotics. My urologist was skeptical that it was an infection. Thankfully I am back to pee'ing normally now. How do I spell relief.

sgrama in reply to WSOPeddie

They did do blood work on him so I assume hopefully they did the right thing. Time will tell I guess.

I know what you mean...I wanted Provenge and an Onco at the Mayo Clinic said they have cases where Provenge weakened the immune system and the PSA skyrocketed, so who knows...nothing works for everybody

That's strange isn't it suppose to rev up your immune system or at least that's what they told us ? I know his bloodwork this week his Hematocrit and Neutrophils were low and his Eosinophils were very high jumped from 6.8 to 26 and range is 0-3 then some other not normal blood and plasma results.

It's very common for catheters to cause UTIs. Not every infection causes fever. hopefully some antibiotics will clear it up.

sgrama in reply to Tall_Allen

I know he's never had one before starting to use the catheter and it was only 3 weeks after starting that he started to see the blood in urine. He's always very careful doing it using the gloves and everything. Hopefully it doesn't happen often with it.

Tall_Allen in reply to sgrama

I asked my friend who is a nurse. He said that sometimes gloves get contaminated by touching them with bare hands or coming into contact with non-sterile surfaces. He says it's important to wipe the tip of the penis with wipes they supply, which I'm sure he knows.

He also suggested a drink called UTI-stat (available on Amazon). He said if drunk regularly it acidifies the urine, which makes it harder for germs to grow.

WSOPeddie in reply to Tall_Allen

I've heard that cranberry juice or even cranberry capsules can help.

sgrama in reply to WSOPeddie

He's actually been drinking cranberry juice a couple of days now. Thank-you for replying.

drinking lemon juice and water clears it up for me

sgrama in reply to joeoconnell

Thank-You I'll have to tell him about that one.

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