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Occasional blood in urine


I get occasional blood in my urine. Not every day and often go a week or longer with nothing. It is always only a little colour at the start. None of my tests reveal anything, no discomfort either. I finished 6 x docetaxel about 10 weeks ago. PSA 0.02. Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar?

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Have you had external beam radiation in the past?

Ian2017 in reply to YostConner

Yes, in late July last year. No immediate effects though.

YostConner in reply to Ian2017

It could be from that. I had delayed hemeturia. A visit to my uro made me feel better about it, and it cleared up.

I agree with Yost. Sometimes bits of scar tissue from the radiation slough off and bleed a little. It's nothing to worry about.

Ian2017 in reply to Tall_Allen

Thank you Yost and Allen. It seems like you describe albeit that the radiation took place about 10 months ago. The blood is not sustained during urination rather it's the equivalent of a 'blob' (for want of a better description) at the start of the process. Seems consistent with what you're saying. Like I said, none of my analysis picks up anything untoward.

Hi Ian

I would definitely get it checked out. I complained of blood in both urine and semen, but mostly semen about 2-3 years after having EBRT. My rad onc and MO both told me it was from bladder scarring related to the radiation. PSA inched up slowly. Regardless... after riding a camel in Morocco I had frank blood in my urine. Went and saw a local urologist when I got home to the US about it who had my on his table and scoped me in about 5 min after i walked into his office. Said he didn't see any noticeable scarring at all

My next appt 2 months later with my rad onc doc who did a DRE, noticed my prostate felt funny, but my PSA had just reached 1.0, he decided to do MRI anyway and my prostate was almost fully of cancer, but they couldn't reGleason it due to the prostate scarring. Regardless, I had the prostate out and haven't had a drop of blood anywhere. Now of course after the salvage prostatectomy there is no sex to check about in my semen but definitely none in my urine.

Best to you my friend

A common yet rarely published side effect of any form of radiation is bleeding to death... I have actually heard stories directly from physician friends of mine who told me they gave radiation to a patient and that patient went home and bled to death in their living rooms.

No physician I know would ever take any form of radiation.

Good luck.

I just finished an ablation of some "bleeders" in my bladder caused by radiation back in 2014. Nothing serious, but you might want to get it checked by a urologist. I had had a prior episode of bleeding in my urine that did clear on its own but this episode continued for a week and was getting worse. The possibility of more serious bleeding does exist and that would not be a pleasant surprise.

Hi Ian,

I have to say I echo the "get it checked with your Urologist" as well as radiation causing some bloody tissue to slough off. Mine was always a part of BM's. It took a good 6 to 9 months to clear up for me.

fight on brother!

When in doubt, check it out....

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Wednesday 07/04/2018 8:33 PM EDT

** Happy Birthday America **

Hope these issues resolve in your favor soon. I have not done chemo myself yet. Good luck.

Just a follow up to my original question: I had a cyctoscopy done under full anesthetic by my urologist this week - albeit that the last bleeding was about 10 days prior to that. Nothing showed up and particularly (and thankfully) no secondary tumor. Bladder wall was clear. He had no conclusive explanation for the bleeding but, and as mentioned in several posts here too, he thinks it is probably the effects of radiation. Apparently these effects can manifest up to 10 years post radiation (I had radiation in 2014).

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