Recovery from Taxotere cycle 2

Just coming up out of the chemo crash and well into the recovery stage at day 9. While the side effects of the second cycle were more or less the same as the first, the biggest difference seems to be how I'm feeling at day 9 compared to last cycle at the same point. It's a noticeable improvement. I'm feeling better at day 9 of this cycle than I did at any time during the first cycle. Actually at this point I feel better than I felt at any time since my initial diagnosis. With the chemo, you go down and then back up. Meanwhile, the cancer goes down, but doesn't come back up before you hit it again. So this time back up really feels better than the last one. I really hope that means the chemo is killing the cancer. Sure feels that way. It's just very encouraging and I wanted to share that with everyone.

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  • Glad to hear it, Gregg. Feeling better also helps minds and bodies recharge and heal between treatments.


  • In fact Gregg I don't know about your pathology. But I am glad to hear about your good and happy comments about the most aggressive treatment - Chemo. Hope with each cycle while you go down with less and less side effects your 'ups' will destroy more and more cancer cells and probably all of them to bring about a cure or a long term stable remission.

    Best of luck


  • I too felt better at the same point after the second and third Chemo treatment than the first. My scans indicated shrinkage or stabilization in the cancer after several Chemo treatments. I do my 8th chemo session on Friday. Keep up the good prognosis.

    BTW, I had a port put in me which makes it easier to do the Chemo than having the Chemo going through your hand veins. If you like me will need Chemo for a long time the port should be considered.

  • Thanks Greg, for the update. I'm coming up for round 4 of 6 next Wednesday, so it's great to hear how others are fairing. My 'down' period was a bit worse on round three than it was round two, but still not too bad.

  • I'm still in the round three, just off the low point. Seems like this round was harder for me too. Yesterday, I was pretty much glued to a chair for most of the day. A little better today, actually got out for a slow walk with lot of breaks. So far, it's going fairly well. Hoping the cancer is suffering way more than I am!

  • Hi Greg. I hope you are still doing well.

  • Thanks, I'm hanging in there. just did cycle 4 on Friday. Feel like crap as usual, but I'm camping at the beautiful California coast and escaping the 110 degree heat where I live so that part is wonderful. Thanks for the concern.

  • Gregg, you Lucky Dog. It was 106 degrees inland here today where we live, compared to only about 61 degrees over on the Coast where you are camping. We went for a walk early this morning, and I was hot flashing like crazy. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • I'm back in the scorching heat, it was nice while it lasted. We turned on the heat this morning at the beach, but it's about 40 degrees hotter here at 103. Amazing, only a 100 mile drive!

    I can't even tell if I'm having a hot flash now, it's just hot continuously. No "flash" about it.

    The chemo sides are getting better now, almost at one week today. Still taking prednisone though. Really helps a lot. Learned something new on this cycle: don't eat deep fried foods. I had some fish and chips and it didn't sit too well with my chemo stomach. But everything stayed down O.K. and still haven't used any nausea meds.

    4 down, 2 to go! Woohoo!

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