Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Experience with Dr Bob Liebowitz

i would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience with being treated by Dr liebowitz at compassionate oncology in California. Especially, those who fall into his highest category, i.e., have had prior hormone ADT with or without prostate surgery and have at least Gleason 4+3 or higher. Also, as I live in New York, how do you execute using his treatments when you live so far, find a willing dr to do what dr liebowitz says, rent a place near is office in California,etc?Thanks

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Its my understanding that Dr. Bob is semi-retired and no longer taking on new patients but I could be wrong.





But his medical group still exists and has other doctors besides Bob Liebowitz who follow his protocols. See:

I think the thing to do is to call the contact number on the website and ask the questions that you've got. I assume that they get similar questions all the time and can advise you.


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I think his thing is "triple androgen blockade". Namely, target the pituitary, the adrenals, and block the path to DHT. You might be able to find a local doctor who would do the same to get the business. I know that Dr Meyers is retiring, and I have heard that a doc at Roswell (Buffalo) said that there is nothing that he can give that we cant give. Overheard, possibly true.


Thanks, interesting, true about ADT3 blockade, however, he has interesting blockade for those who have had ADT and he has a good low dose chemo combo besides possibly of testosterone type therapy


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