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Hi--In light of Dr. Snuffy Myers' upcoming retirement, I am reaching out another time to seek any further suggestions from Dr. Myers' patients and others as to who might be a viable alternative for my husband, Rob. We live in the Richmond, VA area, but will certainly be willing to travel in order for Rob to have the same high level of care that he has had with Dr. Myers. God's blessings on all of you and your families as we battle against this insidious foe. Barbara

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  • This is a great question. I have been a patient of Dr. Myers for the last 7 years. I started looking for a new oncologist several months ago when I learned Dr. Myers was retiring. My last appointment with him will be on Oct. 25 of this year.

    It seems it will be harder to replace Dr. Myers than I released because he watched over my entire body including all of my drugs. Most oncologist only want to take care of my PC.

    In the past Dr. Myers has given me two names of oncologists he likes. Both doctors were at Johns Hophins but one has since move to NYC. Their names are Dr. Emmanuel Antonarakis and Dr. Charles Drake. Dr. Drake has moved to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.

  • Thanks you so much...I greatly appreciate your reply. Rob has been a patient of Dr. Myers for about 5 1/2 years; and yes, he will be very hard to replace. Your suggestions are very helpful! I wish you all the best and God's blessings, Barbara

  • Wow, he certainly sounds like a great doctor! I wish for you that he wasn't retiring! Hopefully you find somebody who can be as good as him.

  • Thank you...the replies on this site are very helpful and I appreciate your encouragement. Blessings,

  • We have been with Dr. Myers for more than seven years and will miss his expertise tremendously. He has recommended Dr. Drake now at Columbia. Myers says Drake is "younger and smarter" than he. We are preparing to make our first appt. with Drake. Hopefully we won't be disappointed.

  • He referred me to Dr Drake whom I have seen twice. Very pleased with him.

  • I was referred by Myers to Charles Drake and had my first appointment 23 May. It is a dramatic difference in experience, as I expected. Myers has his own office building along the Appalachian Trail (really) and it is so quiet and calm. Columbia Hospital is a vortex of activity and the patient load is immense. Check in with the security officer at the lobby. Floor nine for patient records and forms. Floor eleven for doctor clinic. A waiting room with 30 people. Not even to mention the Manhattan street experience coming and going. Nonetheless Drake says he has "some" Myers patients and is aware of the Myers protocol for treatment. First visit was mostly for him to hear my history, side effects, answer questions and physical and digital exam and establish relationship. Next visit in July is to discuss plan for the future. He wants a germline test to determine mutations that may provide information about using pembolizumab and perhaps other drugs in the future. I am hormone sensitive at this time. Drake is in the clinic one day a week and researching and teaching the rest. I use a local oncologist as my treating oncologist: to provide hometown treatment of injections and lab draws and scan orders as necessary plus advice. My local onc is happy to work with another doctor in this situation. I hope this is helpful.

  • Thanks for your reply....Sounds like you are moving a positive direction and I hope that it continues to be so for you. Dr. Drake does sound like a good option....Though I do not know how well we would handle going to NYC. Rob does not have that much strength and so a great deal of walking concerns me. But I do appreciate all that you shared about Dr. Drake and I picked up on two new terms that I am going to look up: "gremlin test" and pembolizaumab." Blessings.

  • Very helpful! Thank you!

  • I am a patient of Dr Myers. He referred me to Dr. Ferrari at Rutgers.

  • My friend has also been referred to Dr. Ferrari. Has anyone been a patient of hers? If so what has been your experience. I have a concern because she is up in years and could retire and then will have to search for a new doctor without a Snuffy Myers referral. Snuffy will be greatly missed. There is no one like Snuffy with his wide knowledge and treating the whole body with respect to prostate cancer

  • My husbands first appointment with Dr. Ferrari is in two weeks. We are a bit nervous, considering being with Snuffy since 2008. Also, my husband's PSA is starting to rise again.

  • Hi, Have you seen Dr. Ferrari yet? We are going in two weeks. Nervous.....

  • I am not sure if this question is really directed to me...I did post an inquiry about Dr. Ferrari because Dr. Snuffy Myers had referred my husband Rob to her. However, we chose to go to Dr. Nancy Dawson at Georgetown University Hospital and Dr. Mario Eisenberger at Johns Hopkins, because it would be a 6 hour drive for us to Dr. Ferrari. We liked both of these doctors very much, though they are very different from Dr. Myers in their approach We have decided to go to Dr. Dawson, because she is closer to us. I believe from all that I have read of Dr. Ferrari that you will be well pleased with her. Blessings on you and your husband, b

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