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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Newbie Update

Hello to all, really like having this source of info. My Update, Dx stage 4 ,g8 & 9 last Oct PSA 7.3 On Casodex & Eligard , 45 radiations. PSA now .77 still have mild hydronephrosis in right kidney. No surgery or bone mets. Maximum fatigue & lethargy. Using many supplements including 7-8 grams of IP-6 daily, going to add Modified citrus Pectin when results of galectin 3 test comes back to determine dose. Also looking at Food grade H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). I had a good friend suggest hyperbaric oxygen? Anybody else have knowledge of that course. My doc prescribed Pro-Vigil for fatigue.This stuff stimulates your brain!! Really feel good each day I take it but can interrupt your sleep. I am only using it on busy days

T4N1M0- Bill

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Welcome to this group. Sorry that you are here but you could not ask for a better group of people. In addition to Lupron, I am taking 5 grams of modified citrus pectin three times a day for a total of 15 grams. In my mind, if you want to take MCP, there is no reason to delay starting.

Wishing you the best.


Welcome: Dr_WHO---gave you good advice as to the modified Pectin. There is no reason to wait. I already know the results of the Israel Phase 1 trial, that had enough success, to then go to Phase 2. The NCI, or NIH, is running a Phase 3 trial. the only difference in dose is the Israeli trial uses 5 grams 3 times a day on an empty stomach, and the USA trial uses 4.8 grams 3 times a day on an empty stomach. The papers on stopping the over expression of Galactin-3, which allows for Pca cells to congregate in groups, and the ability to progress thru angiogenesis, are very positive. The MCP binds the Galactin-3, making it inoperable.

This does not mean you will keep your Pca in a holding pattern forever---as these alien cells have other ways to divide, stay alive and spread. It is one tool that Dr_WHO and I use, as we have similar pathologies. I am starting my 13th month with MCP.

As to H2O2---yes there have been a number of interesting studies, that show cell death---But, you better know what you are doing. You can cause other harms unintentionally. Food grade is usually 35%. So one must dilute correctly--and I would do it with an Integrative Doctor.

Also Hyperbaric, I have seen used many years ago at a Homeopath Clinic for Cancer Patients, while I was doing Chelation Therapy. These patients did do H2O2 IVs, and High Dose Vitamin C infusions.

For myself, I go out on my patio, and while sunbathing for Vitamin D3, I do a series of deep breathing exercises to over saturate my body with oxygen. I may do as many as 200-300 intakes.



I would suggest supplements for bone health, as eligard could cause osteoporosis. I take vit K along with magnesium. I also take B12. I've heard that it can improve energy. You might have to check with your doctor that any supplement you take doesn't aggravate your kidney issues. Good luck on your journey back to good health.


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