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What about Vit B12 shot or pills for heavy fatigue (G9 mCRPC -Takes Lupron, Xgeva, Xfigo(Radium 223)

G9 mCRPC. My husband has had worse fatigue for past 2-3 weeks. Is it ok to take B12 pills, if so how much, and did it help give energy/relieve fatigue? Would you recommend B12 pills or a shot? Can you get comparable results with 5000 daily pills as compared to shot?

Takes Lupron, Xgeva, Xfigo(Radium 223 .--no se's that bother other than heavy fatigue

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I am not a Doctor---but trying to interpret, from the drugs and treatments, I would take 1000, Mcgs of B-12, sublingual under the tongue, once a day so it by-passes the stomach, and goes right into the blood. If you can add Liposomal C---that will give a boost Vita-HD by Sovereign Labs at Amazon--and it adds 1500% more Bio Activity to body cells, and in 2 weeks you will feel it. It has helped me immensely. Also if inclined a Whey/whey Isolate product, that body builders use, whereby you are adding about 20 grams of protein--sure beats products like Ensure. And when fatigued, I know it is hard---but, adding a workout program, especially a weight bearing program, will also help. I never feel so good as when coming out of the gym---I go in like a snail, and come out a lion. If doing gym work, 20 minutes prior, take 2,000 mgs of L-Arginine. As I said I am not a Doctor. And back to your original question---B-12 can be given by the Doctor--But I like the maintenance--of knowing the amount I take every day is the same, and I do not have to wait for the next shot. I call it Steady Eddie.


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I take a strong B-complex orally everyday. I also mix 20 grams of isolate medical protein into my morning frappe.


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