Capsicum (Cayenne pepper)

PSA was 1800 in October 2016. Had Casodex: Psa 1200 after a month, 225 after two months. Had orchdectomie 2 jan 2017. PSA down to 12 yesterday. Now ((Valentines day) had my first treatment of 6 with Docetaxel combined with Prednison. No problems except tired as expected. Started last week with 2 capsules of Capsicum daily. Does anyone has any experience with this combination?

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  • Good luck on the docytaxel. My dad was doing very well on it until he got a cold but in one week his 6th chemo, and his psa has dropped slowly from 75 at the beginning of treatment to a little over 4 now. Look at Sloan Kettering website, as they may have info on the cayenne pepper

  • Patrick O'Shea, provided a study indicating there was a benefit in using Capsicum. But there was a greater benefit when Lycopene was added--the study indicated that the Lycopene enhanced the action of Capsicum[Cayenne Pepper].


  • Hi, Im waiting on my PSA results and want to prepare myself for the news by talking with actual prostate cancer fighters.

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