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Taking dad to a naturopath tomorrow if I can get him out the door. He's really struggling with bouts of weakness and dizzy. Anyone have any suggestions on questions to ask him? Dad's current situation-age- 74. aggressive bone mets wide spread causing a great deal of pain. PSA 43 taking docetaxal, xgeva, Lupron and prednisone. Thanks for all your help. Love this forum!!

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see if you can contact Nalakrats..guy is a genius on natural therapies

Personally, I would recommend acupuncture & massage. There's an article online that thoroughly destroys the thinking behind naturopathy. Meanwhile, the role of acupuncture and massage in stimulating the immune system is recognized in both Eastern & Western medicine, and both can help with pain.

We need a gove. Agency to grant $ FOR CLIInical trials of thease non patened natural cures. Good competition for big pharma.

Neal-Snyder in reply to rococo

And that's the sad thing. For inexpensive natural treatments, there's no big bucks to be made by Big Pharma, so they won't fund studies. Meanwhile, Big Pharma, plus the alcoholic beverage and tobacco industries and the law enforcement lobby in the case of cannabis, are using the elected officials they own, excuse me, support, to hold down government funding for research. Even under Obama, marijuana remained, absurdly, a Schedule I drug, even though we all know it has medical uses. (And BTW, it's a much safer recreational drug than alcohol.)


Radium 223 is the main line treatment for bone mets. It addresses both pain and kills some cancer cells, along with some good bone cells unfortunately.

It might be magical to contact Dr Pienta about plerixafor to clear out some bone mets. Plerixafor is an FDA approved drug, just not for this purpose. He is at Johns Hopkins. I am sure his heart is completely with you. He may feel he cannot suggest trying this drug however. Look at the warnings for plerixafor. They caution you that if you give this drug to someone with bone mets, it may cause cancer to move out of the bone (aka "mobilize") and into the blood. [what you are looking for.]

see drug mfg:

quoting: "Cancer cells may be released from the bone marrow and subsequently collected along with your stem cells during apheresis. The potential effects of infusing cancer cells during your transplant have not been well-studied."

Weakness and dizziness - no idea what to do.

Weakness can be a function of boredom and depression. Judging from myself.

CBurnett in reply to Hidden

Radium 223 is not available in NB Canada. Only Ontario and BC.

Neal-Snyder in reply to Hidden

Shoot some hoops or get involved in whatever kind of exercise you like. It creates endorphins as well as making you more fit. And as I just mentioned above, smoke some of nature's bounty (I hope you're in a good state for that). That also creates endorphins. Different strains of marijuana have different effects. "Cookies," for instance, puts you in a better mood even when you're in a good mood and makes you feel more sociable, yet you can still read or get some work done.

Massage & acupuncture create endorphins too, & stimulate your immune system.

CBurnett in reply to Neal-Snyder

In Canada. Had total knee replacement three months ago so exercise and mobility was compromised before even starting.

Neal-Snyder in reply to CBurnett

I hope you were provided with physical therapy, and that you're walking. My wife has had both knees replaced. I had a spinal cord compression from a PCa tumor, and had to learn to walk again. For both of us, physical therapists were EXTREMELY important, and walking is great exercise & brightens the spirits. Please don't shut down. As I've heard from many health professionals, KEEP MOVING. A physical therapist can teach you how to strengthen every muscle from your neck to your ankles, if you're interested.

What's the medical marijuana situation in Canada?

CBurnett--this combination of Drugs is enough to make most men weak and dizzy. If he is not a regular exerciser, doing weight bearing exercises--this would also be a negative. One needs to be strong, by exercising--to help off-set the affects of the drugs

I suggest you ask the Doctor to consider B-12 injections to jack up his energy level. Any man at 74, as I at 73, cannot process enough Vitamin B-12 from foods, or Supplements. You can with Sublingual B-12, under the tongue tablets--But monthly shots can really help.



I'd make an appointment with both his oncologist and a good family physician to find out exactly what is causing his problems if possible, then physically drag his stubborn butt to those appts by force if necessary. If he's too big, bring some of his friends. You need to rule out independent, detectable, treatable problems before trying to treat his symptoms. OBVIOUS threats include depression and/or an irrational fear of doctors. The first is treatable, the second can be dealt with. If you cannot bring yourself to take the latter approach, it may be time for a convalescent home.

I'm not implying that only western medicine is appropriate (far from that; I infinitely prefer exercise and nutrition first), but you need to try to rule out routine, maybe even independent, treatable causes before ignoring that possibility.

Update- got him out door to naturopath. This dr was amazing with very realistic suggestions but seeing my dad's state shook his head on conventional treatments and how much medicine. Dad did not last long at appoint due to being u comfortable and feeling short of breathe. I stayed and had a wonderful chat. Shortly after returning home and ambulance was called as he could not breathe. O2 was very low. So now we sit in a hospital for 3 hours waiting for a doctor to see him. Horrible

Hidden in reply to CBurnett

oh my. O2 saturation measures the amount of oxygen carried by the red blood cells, but does not measure the sufficiency of the number of red blood cells. Presumably, periodic CompleteBloodCounts monitored cell counts, as chemo can affect those, but mostly platelets, or other white cells, I thought.

What was O2? Below 90%? This is as you noted (the) emergency. prayers.

CBurnett in reply to Hidden

It was well below 90% but seems good now at hospital.

Look up chipas hospital in tijuana nexico. Read up on gerson therapy.

gourd_dancer in reply to edd1717

Has XOFIGO (radium 223) been mentioned for his bone pain & hopefully hold off the bone mets?

Neal-Snyder in reply to Charlesd

As I understand it, it has been, but it's only available in 2 Canadian provinces--not where he is. Perhaps when he's well enough, they can travel to get it? It sure sounds like he needs it.

CBurnett in reply to Charlesd

I mentioned it but not yet is the answer I keep getting.

Today he learned his ribs have fractures some new and some old. Starting on fentenol patch for pain control.

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