Still have your prostate?

I was wondering if most men who thier 1st diagnosis was, advanced metastatic PC that spread to thier pelvis, still have thier prostate.

I still have mine and think ,

why would you leave the primary cause still inside you?

My initial treatment was 10 rounds of Taxotere followed with monthly injections of Lupron and Xgeva. I'm in remission now.

Has anyone been through the same treatment, but has thier prostate removed.

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  • I still have my prostate. Five years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer with bone mets. I asked the oncologist that same question when he told me the same thing. He told me that I was past the point that prostate removal would be beneficial. He said chemotherapy and drugs could be as effective for me. My urologist concured.


  • Thank you Dennis. I just think, that it would make sense to get that monster out of your body. I, in my own weird way, I think of it, as the FACTORY. The constant maker of all of the evil cancer cells!

    If that makes any sence.

  • It makes sense on the surface but not In reality. If the cancer hadn't spread it would solve the problem but once spread you now have several places with cancer. Take one away and the rest are alive and well. We are all in the same predicament I'm sorry to say.


  • My dad has his prostrate he was 77 when first diagnosed he was given firmagon then lupron and xgeva because of mets to the bones the lupron worked great to keep his psa low for about 21 months next month he will start PROVENGE I asked his Doc too why don't you remove the prostrate like when I woman has breast cancer they remove the breasts but Doctor said cause of his age and spread to his bones he was not a candidate. Everyone is different and the treatment is different I'm so confused there is no one size fits all what works for one person may not work for others is what I realizing. Hang in there


  • Olivia, I kinda agree with your father's doc as to not removing his prostate because of his age. In my case, I'm only 56, kinda on the young (er) side. Pretty healthy too. As Dennis stated, if it has spread, mine has to pelvis, and you remove the prostate, you still have the cancer. Well, yes you do, but The way I think, if you remove the prostate, you will have "less" cancer, Plus, you would have eliminated the producer and "originator " of the cancer.

    I believe the standard practice has been to leave it alone if it spread, but, I have read recent pages about researchers saying it may be a better to remove it. ???

  • Still have mine, the little devil. at stage 4 it might as well stick around with me until the curtain comes down. Why do it any favors?

  • I think of it as doing ME a favor LOL

  • Still have mine. Gleason 9, PSA was 167, mets in hips, spine, scapulae, ribs where they connect to spine and chest. Pelvic girdle lymphs too. Thinking was take care of what we see and leave prostate is it's a big cauliflower like tumour. Mess it up and maybe millions more cells rushing around to find homes. Now no mets above diaphragm, original 30-40 down to 1, pretty clear and 0.06. Thank God we're all different, just like our Oncos.

  • What did you do for treatment?

  • Started with Zoladex for 10 months then on to chemo with Docetaxel. 10 cycles including support IV like Prednisolone. Also carried on with Zoladex. So chemo from Nov 2015 to May 2016. Then a 5 month break with only Zoladex. On to Zytiga Sept 2016, still current including Zoladex. After 2nd week of Zytiga whole body bone scan and MRI. Most hot spots gone (like 95%) and nothing new.

    Still Zoladex. PSA down from 26.6 with Zytiga to

    2 wks 0.58 now 0.06 . next reading 14 Mar. Feel great.

  • That's awesome! Continued healing prayers for you and gives hope to many others.

  • Thanks but I am no different from so many of the guys I read . And the wives and daughters who carry their menfolk through all our problems and tell us and other female carers how they manage. Bless them all.

  • Had to argue with the surgeon to take mine out because we knew before the operation that it had spread to the lymph nodes. Follow up with radiation and Lupron. Getting close to the one year anniversary for the surgery. Still wearing pads, but just minor leakage. Still active. Biggest issues are with the wonderful side effects from Lupron.

  • What made your Dr. Agree to remove it?

    The hot flashes are bad enough, I can handle that part of Lupron, It's the major fetuigue it can't stand. I can't make it one day of coming home from work and not falling asleep in 10 minutes after I walk through the door. Literally. If I don't do something to prevent myself from sitting down and stay active, it's all over for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours. I can't stand it, but I can't help it. I also have to take Oxycontin and Percocets for my pelvic pain. They probably add to it as well, but I'm not sure how much.

    I wanted to get the Xofigo treatment for the bone pain, but I don't qualify for it because I'm not CRPC.......yet. That is a great thing though. I was really hoping to get that treatment so I didn't have to take the pain meds, at least maybe, not as much

    That is excellent that you're doing so well after the removal.

  • One thing, the Lupron, is still working. PSA is still undetectable. I still dread every 30 days waiting for blood work results to see if it CHANGED!

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