Lower DHT and Estradiol With a Supplement?

Patrick posted about the anti-cancer benefits of Astaxanthin...there is actually a study about a supplement that combined Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto...might be worth trying...Swanson sells a supplement like the one mentioned in the study




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  • I have been on casodex plus avodart 7 yrs and it raises testosteron thus esttraiol thus my man boobs. The avodart just Lowerr the dht. Trying to get a 6 pack and bench presses to offset. Took luten astaxanthin foe eyes but ran out. Will order more.

  • I am also wanting to combat man boobs. I realized that bench presses don't really do the job (I thought they did) -- they are more for shoulder, triceps and way upper chest. Try the 'fly': lay on back on bench with dumbells out to the side. Raise and lower the dumbells -- that will really target the 'pecs'. The 'reverse fly' (same thing but lying on stomach on bench) is good for combating rounded shoulders/slouching ... and it is always good to perform 'opposite' type exercises.

  • Noticed the same. Going to work them flys more intense. Thank. Rocco

  • Do you just take casodex and avodart as drugs for PCa? If so, how much casodex in mg. and how much avodart?


  • I sent to the wrong person, my bad. Rococo, how much casodex do you take? Beside avodart do you take an ADT drug like Luprom?


  • Sorry for the late response. Started out 7 urs ago 3. 50 mg tab per wk titrated up 1 50 mg per day for best. Up 150mg now. Next move unto lupron and extandi. Rocco

  • Rocco,

    Casodex failed me after 15 months. I had my first Luprom injection today.


  • Gus, been on for years


  • Thanks for that info. I recall my Saw Palmetto days when I was dealing with an enlarged prostate years ago. I am surprised to find that Saw Palmetto also provides a benefit for prostate cancer.

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