4-MU and Prostate Cancer

Has anyone here tried 4-MU? It can be purchased in France as a dietary supplement and shipped to the U.S. Hey Nalakrats..after reading the study on 4-MU you might want to stop taking Hyaluronic Acid. After reading the study below and another study 4-MU sure looks good on paper. I am thinking about ordering a few bottles but want Nal to try it first in case it is dangerous.



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  • There is a previous post on this: healthunlocked.com/advanced...

  • Tried it for 6 months--zero effect on PSA which went up during treatment from 0.33 to 0.49 while on Lupron,Casodex and Avodart


  • Gus--thanks for wanting to make me a guinea pig. The 4-MU, from the paper has only been tried on mice. I would wait for Human Trial results. Mice and men do not always line up.

    Besides those on ADT, have a propensity to get osteoporosis, this is just not about bone density but the negative affects against Tendons and Ligaments----which are attached to bone. For us old guys we need as much lubricant between joints to keep bone off of bone.

    The main natural assistants are from my analysis, are Hyaluronic Acid and MSM [The Breakdown Component of DMSO]. Hyaluronic acid as being the Natural Lubricant and DMSO the natural Pain Killer for Joint Pain. And as an aside, DMSO, used By infusion has shown itself to be a good cancer killer . Some get results orally look it up.

    Anyway my joints do ache--so I will stay the course, as my weight lifting program, needs lubricious materials and some natural pain killers, such as DMSO applied externally, MSM, orally, and some CBD Oil.


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