Significant decrease in body odor if on Lupron and Zytiga?

After being on both Lupron and Zytiga for a few months, I began to notice that I seldom had body odor even if I perspired heavily. Whereas I used to feel the need to shower every day due to body odor, particularly under the arms, now I only shower every couple of weeks and can't smell any underarm or other odor even then. (Obviously, I have to wash my private parts daily.) Is this common for men on hormone therapy?

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  • I know exactly what you mean. I used to get underarm odor very easily, from simple, normal perspiration.

    But the testosterone suppressors such as Lupron and Firmagon dry up just about all of the body's secretions, such as the skin oils, which probably help to grow the odor-producing skin bacteria. My sin became about as dry as the Sahara Desert from the lack of skin oils.

    And conversely, I had very pungent-smelling urine when I was on the testosterone suppressors----it was a very unpleasant odor, very intense. Some others have also mentioned the bad-cmelling urine, but not everyone.


  • I have been on hormonal treatment since June. Do not know about body order but my urine smells so bad that our dogs run away from the bathroom when I go in.

  • Yes, Dr_WHO, my own urine smelled terrible, but now that I stopped treatment and went into hospice at home care, it's stopped that very bad smell. It's fairly common, I guess, but not everyone seems to have the same effect.

    I love both dogs and cats, but I avoid contact with strange dogs because I must have a very strange odor to the dogs because of the hormone treatments, and then the orchiectomy. I imagine that a dog would be very confused about my strange smell.

    Dogs have such a powerful sense of smell, and I must have a really weird smell to those wonderful animals.


  • That conjours up a funny picture in my mind Dr Who.

  • Ed, Yes Lupron blocking of testosterone will result in major change in your skin biochemistry. I've been on Lupron for four years. Complete change in skin biochemistry for me, including change in body odor, loss of pubic hair, underarm hair and also numerous skin tabs, keratosis and warts. Also possible breast growth.

  • Hi Ed,

    I can't say whether the Zytiga is having an affect, I'v only been on it a few months now. But, I've been on Lupron for almost seven years, and I have to agree with you. I thought it was from not doing a damn thing. No need to shower all the time. I lost most all my chest and underarm hair. I go for my Lupron shot today, I'll ask my doc, see what he says about it.


  • Yes, when I went on Zytiga my urine took on a very strong odor. After I stopped Zytiga it went back to normal. I noticed that on xtandi my urine is almost as clear as water with little odor.

  • All I had to do was ask my wife, who does the laundry. While I am on Firmagon now I was on Lupron. Either way, she delightfully conveyed to me, that "No Dear, you don't smell anymore!". Case closed. Not sure about urine smell--nothing here, but I am 50 if that matters. Good Luck, Clark

  • have you ever wondered if the odor has actually diminished or has your sense of smell deminished

  • initially, I did consider that. But, then, my wife began to notice that when I came into the house after exercising, I didn't stink as I had before. Prior to that, after 2 hours of tennis playing, she would immediately tell me to get my clothes off and jump in the shower!

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