Advanced Prostate Cancer
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New to this site and Needing help


My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer METS to the bones over 3 years ago PSA 100 Gleason 9

I do all the reading

We were castrate resistant in a year

We stopped the Lucrin and opted for an orchidectomy

We have been taking lots of supplements .. we had radiation to the spine for an intrusion 1 year ago

His PSA wants to double every month ..and with the supplements we kind of dragged our feet

we could stop it for about 70 %

His PSA last month was 2500 ..the oncologist scared him and we have decided to take Xtandi ..We thought of taking it for about 10 weeks ???

Now my question is ...does anybody on this site knows which supplements can be safely taken with Xtandi we maximise the benefits without compromising the drug ?

I just joined and wanted to post the question straight away as we get the script tomorrow ..I will find some time later today to read through lots of your posts ..I am sure I will learn much


PS We had stable disease for 6 months withProstay ( a day ( vit C and K 3 )

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Please research Ketogenic diet. Elaine Cantins book is a great one. It has helped me into remission with zytiga.


Atkins ran a cancer ward, but finally gave that up. If he could not do it, nobody can.



I would take lycopene, pomegranite, resveratrol, zinc, curcumin and boron...ask your doctor to prescribe metformin, avodart and arimidex.


clinical trial of Pomegranate (failed):

Caution on the others as well:


metformin is ok I think (glucose control, used in diabetes, and you missed statins). Avodart - is that the T->DHT inhibitor? I'd be cautious on that. It does modify the cancer environment, but not in a completely helpful way.


I would not start out with the big guns, try casodex or zytiga first. It's easy enough to stop any of these drugs a go to chemo.


There is no good research that can answer your question about supplements that might help and not interfere with another drug. It is hit or miss.

Don't bother with the Casodex (that was suggested) as Xtandi operates like Casodex on steroids.

Metformin (not a supplement but a prescription drug) is a good idea, it is cheap and benign.

Gusgold's general suggestions are all good and pretty standard other than Boron and zinic which I am not familiar with for prostate cancer.

Continue with the vitamin C and have the doctor check his vitamin D3 levels (blood test). They should be on the higher side of normal, if not supplement them and bring the levels up.

If I read properly between the lines of your question your comment about staying on Xtandi only ten weeks indicates to me that you are drug adverse. I very strongly recommend that for these high end second level drugs that you do NOT stop them until they have stopped working.

Many of us can get two to three years of effectiveness (it varies from person to person), however there is an indication that taking them does cause resistance to other drugs. Possibly, they will also cause resistance to themselves and so going back might not work. Why would you want to waste the possibility of having a drug that works not be effective for as long as it works?



First, I'll offer some Prayers for your husband and his PCa journey as well as for your family. Second, I have no experience with supplementals to help arrest a climbing PSA.

Unlike most, I am an early advocate of chemo. If you Google the phrase "gourd dancer prostate cancer" you can readily follow my posts on the subject.

Keep kicking the bastard.

Gourd Dancer

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advocate of early chemo. And most other things as well.

Before the wheels come off.

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Wow - I have no good ideas. (I am a newbie to this.) But I would try to get an inventory of all mets greater than 1cm in diameter - that is, bone mets and lymph mets. Might need better imaging at some point. No idea what to do with visceral mets. Then I would check the list to see if any could be obliterated. Hopefully some could be picked off.

My opinion is that bone mets are the worst as they mess up the marrow and so the blood production system.

I wonder what the contribution of the cancer in the prostate itself is to the blood levels of PSA. It would be nice to be able to seal the prostate up somehow if only to be able to isolate the the effect of the mets on PSA (ie measure the metabolism of the prostate cells outside the capsule - assuming that those prostate cells produce a uniform amount of PSA, which could easily no longer be true.)


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