biopsy for mutation turned into open surgery with complications

Hi all, It has been a tough 12 days, what we thought would be a outpatient biopsy turned into a open surgery getting my belly split up the middle and insides pushed around to get at a lymph node mass in my lower abdomen, Joels word haunted me. It was 8 days in the hospital, today I am feeling much better and waiting for the results still. Still not well enough to begin chemo now however, maybe soon

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  • That's scary. After Xtandi stops working for me, I will be getting a biopsy, too.

  • Oh my goodness Dan! So sorry you had to go through that so glad that they got it though. Healing thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. Take good care of you and rest as long as it takes. Don't push yourself. Most sincere, Jackie

  • Never trust a doc when they say something is easy. Hope you get well soon and back to your old self. Will keep you in my prays.

  • wow! sorry to hear this! I hope your recovery is a hell of a lot easier than your surgery! and good luck with the radiation

  • Feel better

  • Thanks all for your comments, went today for post op, I am healing up nicely, but may be a month before I can think of chemo, hopefully test comes back with the mutations needed to do olaparib, should know soon

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