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Tumour size and diagnosis

I have completed 17 of 39 radiotherapy sessions for a tumour growing out of my prostate and invading my bowel that was identified in July. I have been on ADT for almost 3 years for bone mets. At the time of the recent diagnosis my PSA was 1.2 and steady for 6 months. None of the other blood markers showed "anything" to be concerned about according to the Drs. It was my report of pain, lack of energy and changed bowel habits that lead to the Drs ordering scans and MRI (my first). Twice when I have met with my radiation oncologists they have remarked that it is one of the largest tumours they have seen growing ouy of the prostate.

Just wondering if anyone has any input how such a large tumour has been undetected for so long? What markers could have shown this earlier?

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My husband doesn't produce a PSA when cancer is growing. They were testing him every year and then every 6 months with an F-18 Pet scan. They detected movement and went to the CT and then the MRI. Now he is having scans every 3 months.....CT and mri and also blood work used as cancer detector markers I think that I cannot remember the names. Something new. Hope at least part of this helps. Good thoughts :)



Unfortunately not all prostate cancers raise your PSA. There is a great article covering it from M. D. Anderson (2006, DOI 10.1002/cbcr.22372).

They state that while rare, it is critical for men that have cancers that do not correlate with PSA to have bone, CT and other scans. What's more, the cancer can spread to areas that "normal" prostate cancer does not go.

Some of the type of prostate cancers that may not raise your PSA are Ductal and small cell prostate cancers.

I have Ductal cancer while my PSA was around 3.3 (It did go up to 11 in a matter of weeks). I am currently having discussions with my RO on the best way to monitor it.


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