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Advice: Cyberknife treatment of prostate AFTER TURP and Axumin scan


Just got back from yet another Urologist, seems no wants to place markers in my prostate after I had a TURP for RT treatment. The reasoning they say is the risk of prostate radiation side effects ( incontinence urine and bowel, needing to cath myself, etc...) that will last my lifetime is too great, I have been told because of the type of PCa I have life, expectancy is 24-36 months. And the radiation will just affect my QOL.


1. Has anyone had RT after they had a TURP?

2. If so, do you have any side effects?

3. Is an Axumin scan that much better than a bone scan, one urologist said if the Axumin scan is negative he would place the markers...

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I had no TURP, but I did have SBRT (cyberknife). I had voiding issues for about 4-6 mos, then I got control of that lower sphincter, no leaking since then. I had a bowel clean out before each session(5), and have experienced no bowel side effects. I take Flowmax, every other day, which keeps me flowing pretty good. If your TURP was successful, then you shouldn't have any flow problems.

arete1105 in reply to arete1105

Ph call interrupted- What are your numbers? Confined to cap or metastasized?

DeanNelson in reply to arete1105

Metz to spine, bladder, and lymph nodes

arete1105 in reply to DeanNelson

You can do the Cyberknife, but that is only for the prostate. You still have the other sites to worry about. I am in the same boat. They will probably put you on HT, that should enhance the SBRT. After that it is some systemic treatment.

I know a couple of men who had SBRT after TURP. One had some temporary incontinence, one didn't. Since two recent large clinical trials showed that there was NO survival benefit in men with multiple mets, I can't see why you would risk it.

Thanks, TA....was hoping you'd comment..

I had a TURP, 2 actually, as I couldn't pee and was self catheterising. During second TURP, which was also a bladder repair operation as I was peeing blood, In had 3 gold seeds implanted. I had 26 Grays via cyberknife soon after in 5 fractions over 10 days. I became incontinent and still now 3 months later I'm a bit incontinent. I also get some bladder pain when I pee. No other issues to speak of.

DeanNelson in reply to paulofaus

Thank you Paulofaus.. seems like we both the same stage of this beast

I was told that after TURP I was not a good candidate for RP surgery and was directed toward external beam radiation and they were prepared to place those markers. I opted for HIFU instead of radiation.

Hubby had second TURP 3 weeks ago for what was thought to be scar tissue. It was both scar tissue but also regrowth of cancer in prostate. Now we are meeting with RO December 10 for possible start to radiation.

From what we are told not a candidate for seeds. This will be only to possibly shrink tumour for now.

Praying it is worth it...

Sheri (wife, caregiver, cheerleader)

Praying for you!!

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