Confused.....PSA below 1.0 but have nodules on upper torso, will get biopsy results 6/12

George, Age 70, DX 1/1998, (3+3) PSA12.3, On 2/1998 started Casodex (50mg) & Proscar (once daily), continued this for 11yrs. On 05/2009 had focal Cyro with Dr. Duke Bahn after PSA rising and Gleason rose to 7 (4+3) . On 09/2012 with PSA over 4.0 again, had Cyro with Dr. David Crawford. On 06/2014 PSA rose to 5.7 09/2014 Bone Scan showed nothing, On 05/2015 had PET/CT scan which showed activity in prostate only. On 8/2015 started Casodex & Proscar again, PSA dropped to 2.6.

Current PSA of 0.4 Multiple nodules under skin appeared on upper torso (front & back) in past 4 weeks, biopsy taken with results to arrive Tues. 06/2016. Thinking I dropped the ball this time for sure. Any comments welcome.

Best to all who are fighting this thing.

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  • Your nodules aren't necessarily cancer until the biopsies prove otherwise, and even if they are cancer, they might even be a different kind, unrelated to the prostate cancer. The nodules could be cysts or something else.

    I know of one individual who has had five different types of cancer, and is still fighting the prostate cancer.

    The best of luck to you,


  • Very true, just assumed prostate cancer,thanks for your reply.

  • That is one very stressful thing about prostate cancer----every ache and pain or symptom is worrisome, that we have new metastases.

    And of course you would think first about it being prostate cancer-related. Hopefully, it's something much more simple and more easily treated.


  • Thanks Cericwin, naturally I'm hoping for an easily treated one too. I'll know more Tuesday I guess.

  • Best of good fortune with you treatments George46.

    Wise advice Cericwin. I have a brother-in-law who has survived several different cancers, and PCa was the least of his problems.


  • Thank you for good wishes. I have been very fortunate indeed.

  • I should add that if they're on the upper torso, under the skin, whatever they are, it sounds like they could be fairly easily treated or removed.

    Please let us know how it turns out.


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