PCA and Agent Orange survivor

Retired Army with PCa from Agent Orange exposure in VN. Diagnosed in 2007; previous surgery for colorectal cancer with colectomy (no rectum now} so treatments and diagnosis limited. Currently on Lupron with Casodex recently added and also a swarm of other issues; kidney stones, urosepsis, now arthritis. Basic treatment was HDR brachetherapy since no surgery possible; not the implants but 18 steel rods through crotch into prostate where they felt cancer was. Did not work and now on HDR forever I guess.

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  • First, I want to thank you for your service.

    Yes, you will be on ADT for life, but understand that all of us with advanced prostate cancer will be on ADT for life. It isn't fun, but it does help us to still be here which for me is important.

    Are you on 100% disability from the VA? If not you are entitled to receive this benefit.


  • Joel I am a transfer from our old site and was responding to request for bio info. Got no issues with HDT for life and I am in 100percent category.

  • I have been on ADT since 2011 (Lupron, Nilutamide, Avodart, Dostinex). Switched to Nilutamide when Casodex quit working. See the following website for a wealth of information on prostate cancer. It was created and maintained by an Us Too member named Chuck Maack over many years. Good Luck on your journey.



  • Chuck well known and part of my previous site - Malecare.org

  • I also have PCA (stage 3) from agent orange. Sorry to hear everything you have been put through. I was diagnosed in July 2015. Prostate removal in Oct. and external radiation and shot in April and May 2016. I hope and pray they have got it all. I'm using the VA located in Durham NC.

  • VA here is great(old Ft Ord CA) with new clinic about done. I do annual and eye exams with them and most other stuff in town. Today is seventh and hopefully last kidney stone laser.

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