Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Hello, my name is Jack B

Hello, my name is Jack B, I live in So.Cal and  have advanced prostate cancer, I am 58yrs and have been battling since 2011, I had robotic surgery thru Kaiser and it was too late for me, my gleason was 4+3 my psa is now 8.2 and rising, I am on ADT, HT, lupron

Zytiga and am expecting to start doxetal and chemo within a year from now

I am still working at my job for now, but I am very tired, I don't sleep well

there are no cancer support groups around here that fit my profile

I don't know how much longer I can hold on, but I will fight one day at a time.

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Hello Jack,

I'm Joe, I live over here on the other side. Jersey, that is. Please don't fret, yet.

You, and me, are new here. Take advantage of it. You have found a forum where there is unlimited support. I pissed them off, but was still welcome. I don't piss them off anymore.

We have a problem that no other person in our life can comprehend. They say that they care, and they do, don't get me wrong. But, I think they just don't understand.

Post more about yourself, there is much support here, I guarantee it.

Take Care,



Hi Jack,

There is great support here, if you start to get down on yourself check in here and vent.

You will find some total bad a.. guys that have delt with more than you can fathom and hopefully their posts will help you to keep fighting.


A day at a time and one foot in front of the other. 



My name is Russ Thomas and I am the CEO of the Prostate Forum of Orange County.

Please send me an e-mail at, or call at (951) 545-1616.

We can share some information. I have stage 4 PC but am in good shape.


Hi Jack,

 First, let me say that you should connect up with Russ.  I know him and he is very knowledgable and in your backyard.  

Always remember that you are not alone, but have over 1,000 brothers here on this forum.  Never forget that and use us to help you.

I looked at your history and have a few questions you might want to ask your doctor.  

1-  Is the Zytiga failing, or has it already failed.  If either of these are the case, why are you waiting to start either chemotherapy or Xtandi.  Don't give the cancer extra time to start to poliferate and grow unchecked.  This will hurt you, not help. 

2-  Is there counseling support available nearby you?  Having active cancer puts a lot of strain on us and this strain commonly disrupts our ability to sleep.  

3-  Again, contact Russ and tell him I say hello and that I will see him in September at the PCRI conference.



thank you, I sent Russ an email.


Hang in there! We're all in the same boat, but on different levels.


ok, im hanging in there, what else can I do,  maybe they will come up with a cure next year, and save my life :-)


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