Today I met with the rad. oncologist, and I don't have to have surgery!!      Hallelujah!!    Good news on Good Friday!!          I'm to have a series of 20 radiation treatments to the prostate to shrink it and stop the invasion of the bladder and rectum, and reduce the pain.    

So today they had me lie on the table with a series of CT scans, then pulled my incontinence briefs all of the way down to my pubic hair (the little bit that's left of it) and drew targetting crosses on my abdomen and hips, and they made a mold of my body from the waist down to hold me in position for the treatments.     I had to have my back braces off, so it was quite painful, lying on the table, but I managed to hold as still as possible.

But it wasn't as painful as it would have been, since my morning dose of morphine was doubled by my palliative care nurse, and the Dilaudid I have for breakthrough pain.    I was thoroughly exhausted, though, and had to take a nap immediately when I got home.

It's such a relief, as the radonc told me at the first consult that he was worried about a stoma opening up with radiation and the danger of infection.     They said that there is still some risk, but I'd rather risk it than have my bladder removed and a colostomy.       

It's going to be difficult to go to the cancer center every day, with all of the fatigue that I have, but I'll manage.       Luckily, the prostate hadn't yet pushed into the bladder again like it had at first when diagnosed, blocking the ureters---the ADT had shrunk it, and it was on the way to growing again, so we caught it in time.

I wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter, and a wonderful weekend those who don't celebrate Easter.


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  • So relieved to read the "Good News" on "Good Friday!"  Happy Easter Day to you, as well, Eric!

  • So happy to hear your news!   Please keep us posted.  Have a nice weekend too.  

  • Eric:  I am so happy to hear this news!!!!  You are a warrior for sure!!!!!  Keep up the good fight.  Enjoy your Easter

  • Thank you so much.      I just about have a new lease on life now.       Sure, I'll have the pain through Easter weekend and even for another couple of weeks, but the end of it is in sight, and I won't have to worry about ureter blockage again---at least not for a long time.        This is one skirmish in the battle that I'm winning.       And of course there'll be some complications as a result of the radiation, but I'll cope with it.

    This is just another minor setback in the journey.     I have other pain, associated with the bone mets, and the arthritis, but nowhere near as bad asthe prostate pain.         Tonight, I'm exhausted, and have slept on and off ever since I got home, but I'm in a better mood than I've been in for more than a month.


  • so happy for you! Happy Easter!

  • Hang in there, brother. Have a happy Easter. I'll pray for you.

  • Thank you WillyJ, and a happy and blessed Easter to everyone on Health Unlocked, especially my friends from Malecare.


  • Good news


  • Thank you, Joel.      It just goes to show that even with the inevitable setbacks, life goes on and I can still maintain a reasonable quality of life and go forward, and face new challenges.


  • You are a true inspiration Eric, keep on keepin on

  • Such good news. My husband had DART radiation to a suspected met on his rib several years ago and so far, so good. Hang in there! Eyden1

  • Great news! 

    (As your treatments continue, don't hesitate to tell your treatment team about your day-to-day pain/fatigue situation, and to ask for & to accept all sources of help with any pain/fatigue management.)


  • Great news ERIC.......!!!

  •  hello Eric. Is the greatest greatest news!

  • Having trouble with my phone again. Such a wonderful wonderful Easter blessing. Thinking of you everyday. So elated for your great news. Great big hugs. Jackie

  • Yes, Jackie.      Not having to have the surgery means that I can keep my magnificent physique      Unfortunately, I was too ill on Easter Sunday to go out and spend the day with my friends.     But there will be other times.

    I hope you and Elgie are doing well, and I thank you for the love and concern that you've shown me;      You are a lovely lady in every way.


  • Hi Eric!!! 

     I borrowed a pc ;)  We should throw a party ;-)  I'm so very happy that you do not have to have the surgeries that you possibly may have had and you get to keep your awesome physique intact ;-)   I am also so sorry that you were so ill on Easter.  I do so hope and pray that you will feel better each day and the radiation will not cause you any major issues.  As you said......just going every day to have the radiation will severely fatigue you.  Fatigue can be so debilitating.   Elgie was also ill on Easter.  He keeps having these episodes of nausea and vomiting.  It was usually only about once a month and now it is happening more frequent.  He wants to wait another week to see if it stops before he schedules a dr. app.  Usually once he gets sick he is fine but not the last few times.  Other than that we are doing well thank you.  You are too sweet.  I do care about you and your well being.  You are a courageous man fighting an awful disease that keeps trying to beat you but YOU continue to beat it!!!  I do so hope you will be able to get out some time soon with your friends and enjoy a beautiful spring day. 

    Love and peace my friend. 


  • Hi Jackie,

          You might want to ask your doctor about using a drug called Ondansetron for Elgie's nausea.     

    It's a tiny pill which is dissolved on the tongue, and acts very quickly for most episodes of nausea, and is specifically  indicated for cancer and chemo patients.    It has been a Godsend for me.

            Between nausea and constipation, I was almost afraid to eat.        And for opioid induced constipation I have Amitiza, and sometimes when it's more severe, I have Generlac.           So with help from the meds, I can keep everything headed south and exiting appropriately, to phrase it delicately. 

    With fondest regards and God bless you,



  • Oh wow Eric!  I will take those names to the doctors when Elgie goes.  That would be awesome for the nausea if he could take that and have the nausea go away quick.  He has both issues also. Thank you so very much Eric.   He also has been losing his appetite lately.  When do you start radiation?  I will be praying for no side effects and no pain while laying there. 


  • When you have trouble with both nausea and constipation, it really affects the appetite.   

    I have the first rad. treatment at 2:00 tomorrow.

    It will be a pleasure to have the accursed prostate zapped, the source of all of my problems.

    I hope tht the meds I mentioned can help Elgie and are appropriate for him.

    My fondest regards to you,


  • I will be routing for you Eric :)  We will be calling the doc soon to ask if they will be okay for him.  Maybe this will help his appetite as I did not know it would do that.  Best of all Eric ;) 

    Most sincere. 


  • Thinking of you Eric.  Hoping you are okay.  


  • Hi Jackie,

          I'm fine after the first rad treatment.   It was painful on my back, they didn't give me adequate lumbar support, but tomorrow's treatment will be better.

    The treatment today was the longest, they start with a higher dose and then it's a lower dose for the subsequent treatments, so it takes less time.

    Afterwards, I sat outside with my caregiver and enjoyed the lovely, sunny and crisp spring weather---it was 56 degrees.       I had a good long walk for some exercise and am thoroughly tired out, but in a good way.

    I still have the intense prostate pain, but I've got to be patient and wait for the treatments to have effect.   It will take a week or two, but at least we're dealing with it.

    It's a lot better than eviscerating surgery, so I'm very happy that I'm able to have the radiation instead.

    Thank you so much for your concern and good wishes,


  • I'm so glad things went well today Eric and hopefully tomorrow will be better with better support for your back. You are definitely a warrior and we're also very proud of you.  yes I guess we'll all have to be patient and hope and pray that very soon the pain will be alleviated. wish you sweetest of dreams. great big hugs great big gentle hugs and my friend.

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