Advanced Prostate Cancer
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I still have it

My mCRPC journey began when I was diagnosed in February, 2007 with a PSA of 8.8 and a Gleason of 9( 4+5 ). With no other evidence of metastic cancer in my body, I elected to have a radical prostectamy using the DeVinchi method and my PSA fell to below 1.0 for about a year. My PSA then began to climb, doubling about every three months. I then elected to have external beam radiation and my PSA again fell to below 1.0 and stayed that way for about a year when it began to climb again, doubling about every three months. Next we tried hormone therapy with Lupron and Casadex and this did not reduce my PSA but it did slow its doubling time.after about two years, my PSA was up to 34.5 and my Urologist recommended Chemothearpy. From my past research, I knew that chemo at that time was not that effective on PC, so I elected to go to MD Anderson and enter a clinical trial in January, 2010. After thorough testing, I was placed in a trial using Aberatone Acitate and Pregnizone and my PSA went from 35.0 to 5.5 in four weeks, from 5.5 to 0.6 in another four weeks and from 0.6 to undetectable in another four weeks. My PSA has remained undetectable for the last five years and all the tumors visible when I started at MDA have disappeared or are barely visible today. Aberaterone Acitate was approved by the FDA about three years ago and is now sold under the trade name Zytiga.

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Good for you. Zytiga was effective for six months in my case. Kemo did not help much. I am on my last choice, Xtandi. Its working so far!


Lucky you. MDA is one of the best. I was diagnosed in November, 2007. Chose radical, non robotic. My son in law is my Doc. I chose open because he said I was his 2015 th surgery and he could see and feel what needed to come out.

I did not need any further treatment, PSA is 0.02 and am cancer free. I have no side affects, even no ED except what comes naturally at 80.


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