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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Gleason 7 (3+4) suggestions

What would you suggest for a man diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago when he

was 50 years old and had surgery. His cancer was found in the

margins outside the prostate, so he gets his PSA checked every three

months, and will eventually get radiation treatment. Since then he

have had my PSA checked every year. His PSA was 3.48 in 2007, and

rose to 4.92 in December 2008. His doctor put him on an antibiotic for

ten days, and had him get the PSA test done again, and it came back at

6.00. He then scheduled an appointment with a urologist, and had

biopsies done in late January. Three out of the 12 biopsies showed

cancer. One was a Gleason score of 6, and two were Gleason scores of


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