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Need more participants for Zoom Interviews!

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Hi all!

I'm a Master's student studying Psychology, and I only need a few more participants for my Master's Thesis. I'm looking for individuals who are:

Ages 18-25

Live in the United States and are fluent in English

Grew up with a parent with ADHD

You can find more about the study here:

The study involves a one-on-one interview over Zoom -

Please contact me if you're interested and meet the criteria!

7 Replies
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I just joined this, & saw your request. My 3 kids grew up with me, their unorganized, slightly older, ADHD mom. You could talk to one of them! I don't know enough about this forum to know how to get in touch with you.

How can I get in touch with you?

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yellowhippo7Researcher in reply to TexasTripletMom

Hi! Thanks for your reply - if they are interested and they qualify (18-25 years old) they can reach out to me at !

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I don't meet your age requirement.

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I’m too old, but will you be sharing your findings with us here?

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yellowhippo7Researcher in reply to Doodledoodledoo

Hi! I hope to share results as many places as I can once analysis is complete :)

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I think most of the people here are older than your target group. So many people 18-25 are in denial of their ADHD and its horrible effects even if they've been diagnosed. So many young people feel stigmatized by the diagnosis. They don't get that just because they feel stigmatized does not mean the diagnosis is wrong.

You might try college discussion boards.

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yellowhippo7Researcher in reply to Gettingittogether


I totally understand what you're getting at - but a requirement of my study is that the parent has ADHD and I interview the child (18-25) about it. My hope was that older individuals who are ADHD parents on this forum may have children that qualify. Thanks for the feedback though!

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