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Adults with ADHD - asking for help to understand

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my name is Monika, am 32 and five years ago I was ADHD diagnosed. I hope that's a good place for asking for help...

After beginning of medicinal treatment my life changed completely. Before it I couln't finish a school, was too impulsive to stay in relationship.

Now I'm happy fiance and I'm finishing the psychology study:) and my purpose is helping people with ADHD.

At my university (SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland) I started a Photovoice project about people with ADHD who were diagnosed as adults.

I want to spread knowledge about ADHD and beat stereotypes about this condition. Here is my question for you, maybe you want to help me show other people how person with ADHD feel. If you were diagnosed as an adult, you can easily help me finish and spread the project.

Take two pictures which symbolize your life: one before you started take medication, and second after diagnose and starting treatment.

You can photograph anything you want: thigs, landscapes, abstraction...Pictures don't have to be professional or even good, it's important you take these pictures and they express two states of your life.

It will be great if you write couple words of comment about these pictures, but it's not necessary. But its important to

write how old are you and when you were diagnosed. You can attach pictures here, send me email with pictures:

. Of course am happy to talk to you, maybe give some advices or details.

Participation in project is unpaid and voluntary to help other people understand us and our life with ADHD.

If you send me pictures, it means you agree for a cost-free publication of your images in this project.

The pictures will be used only for the project. I will write your first name as an author of the picture,

unless you prefer to stay anonymous. If you want to, after finish this project, I will send you a result of our common work :)

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Hi Monika!

I’m self diagnosed ADHD and my like has always been a rollercoaster that never stops. Never been on medications for ADHD so I don’t know what it would be like On meds. I’m just afraid to use them as my heart is already in trouble and suffer from very high blood pressure.

Wish you luck with your project and thank you for taking the path of helping people like us.

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Dison in reply to AngelamarieQ

There are other ways to effectively treat ADHD symptoms besides just medication. Yes, I take 54 mg of Concerta. I consider this a rather small amount of medication. I use a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea. I meditate daily. I practice "mindfulness." I eat well. I exercise. I see a therapist. All these togeher helps lift me out of the "fog" as they say. I am more fully aware of what is happening around me. There are days I don't have the energy to work as hard as other days. All in all it is making my life less stressful. I am treating myself with greater compassion. I look back at my life and say, oh, that is why I was let go of three different administrative jobs. I see now why I also have felt much younger emotionally and psychologically than my actual age. The list goes on.

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Lujan in reply to Dison

Dison you seem like a guru at this. Do you mind if I ask for advice?

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Dison in reply to Lujan

I don’t mind.

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monikaswps in reply to Dison

Dison, will you help us with project about ADHD and send me some pictures that symbolize state of mind / feelings person with attention deficit disorder?

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Dison in reply to monikaswps

I appreciate the request. I need to practice good self care. Not now.

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monikaswps in reply to Dison

fair enough. good luck!


Thanks to you I have realized that it is important to show the problem also from a point of view of those people who can't take meds. So if you want to share your feelings through pictures, of course I will be happy to present your work!

I’ll work on that and email you 👍

Thank you <3

Good morning. I just decided to seek help for ADHD, Im technically not diagnosed yet. But I have alot of issues going on and am sure that is the root of my problems. I am 30 years old and have had a very rocky life. Im finishing up my undergrad in ChemEng and am at a very critical part of my life right now and have been pretty much undiagnosed my whole life. I dont know where to start or where to turn for help. So basically I joing this group. And yours is the very first post I see. Hope to hear from you

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monikaswps in reply to Lujan

I think it's good to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. He'll make you do ADHD test and diagnose you. But it's crucial, that psychiatrist is also ADHD specialist, because very often doctors have little knowledge about ADHD in adulthood. It's important that specialist is competent to distinguish ADHD from, for example anxiety (adults with ADHD are misdiagnosed very often). If he diagnosed ADHD, he'll refer you for another examination (your blood, heart, etc.) to check if you can take medications

For me very helpful was cognitive behavioral therapy. It taught how to plan things and finish them. But first part of treatment is an adequate diagnosis.

Did you finish the project with pictures? It's been four months.


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