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New here, not sure where to begin

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Recently I've learned about ADHD. I was browsing reddit, and came across someone describing themselves and I quickly realized I related 100% to this random person, and the others were suggesting he may have ADHD. So I began researching it myself, and am suspecting I may have had ADHD my entire life. I have always struggled with maintaining my attention on tasks, and as a kid I had a very difficult time maintaining my emotions, which just led to bullying so I just learned to keep everything to myself because of the constant fear of being made fun of. I joined the Marines out of high school, and definitely made some impulsive decisions during my time in, and dealt with bullying there too. I have a habit of making social situations awkward by saying something odd, and have done that all my life. I've always felt like a loser because of these things and it has affected my self image my whole life. I lost my job recently, which has left me stuck at home all the time, and I think that has been contributing to my depression.

Honestly this is the first time I have even addressed any of this and it is kind of overwhelming. I don't know what to ask or where to go. I would like to seek help for myself

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Hey, welcome to the club! It's kind of crazy when things start to click into place and make sense isn't it? If you're wanting to get into an easy diagnosis and treatment option, I'll recommend the company I went through because they were super fast and convenient since it's just at home video appointments (also makes it really affordable)

To get an idea of the questions they will be asking beforehand, and the scale they use to measure, this is pretty accurate

Hope these help you get started, let me know if you've got any other questions

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Thank you very much for the links. I will definitely look into them

I love to help people. Would you like me to help you with controlling your emotions?


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