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Is it just me?

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Recently I have begun to notice that I get bored of TV shows really quick. I always hear other people my age (18-25) talking about how they binge-watch shows all the time. I have maybe only finished 2 series at most. I also have noticed that I find the snapchat subscriptions (basically 5-15 minute episodes from different creators or news channels that are focused around a general theme) are much easier for me to actually finish and enjoy. An example of one on there is Vice World News which is in-depth reporting on situations and things around the world that many people are not talking about in mainstream media.

Is anyone else having a similar issue?

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I used to be able to watch series but ever since tiktok became a thing I always find myself so bored watching shows or movies. I think I was able to watch in the past because I was either using it as a way to disconnect with whatever was happening in my life or I would have in on in the background as a reward while working on my computer or something. I don't think I ever have been able to give tv my full attention because it's usually too long a drawn-out. But I would say if the snap chat features are what interests you then that's not an issue at all! I would much rather learn something than know all the quotes and whatnot from a popular series (I personally have never been great at this regardless if I have seen the show) and likely that would be something that you might be able to bring into conversations later in life!

I'll say that if it's not what keeps our focus and attention it's not for us... I find myself watching the t.v. view guide more then anything.. Until I get yelled at to put something on. As I tend to drive family members up the wall. If it don't have flashing lights.. If they did everything in animation. Massive explosions in the background. Flashing lights.. I'd watch everything...

I have binged a bunch. I have limits in a single sitting though. What gets me is when I'm in love with a show and they take a break for a few months (change in seasons perhaps), and I never go back and watch it ever again. Even when it comes up in my "recommended". Meh... Once I fall off the horse of interest, I just don't go back.

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FluffTeal in reply to BTV65

I am similar to you. I can binge just fine. I can binge old TV shows that I've seen and enjoyed, such as Seinfeld or The Office, Chopped, as well as new shows. Honestly, I re-watch a lot of the same content (shows, movies, or TV series that I stick with). Perhaps it's comforting in a way? BUT if my interest isn't captured in the first 3-5 minutes, I'm tuning out and won't likely ever go back!

I am the complete opposite when it comes to shows. Which I find kind of weird because I have a lot of anxiety and research shows that people who have anxiety tend to re-watch shows because they know what is going to happen. The few series I have watched all the way through (Friends, The Office...) I can watch random episodes here and there, but I cannot watch them all the way through again.

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stingray_lover in reply to BTV65

I never even thought about the pattern of whenever a show takes a break I never really watch it again. But I definitely can relate to it. Grey's Anatomy, Station 19, Chicago Med, Harlots, Handmaid's Tale, etc... All of these I loved but once they took a break I never went back to them again. I am able to watch quite a bit of cooking competition shows. I think its because a) I love cooking and food, which is probably one love of mine that has been consistent compared to other hobbies or interests. And b) there is not a set plot and it is very random in a way? Like it isn't the same challenge or the same type of food or whatever. For me I have noticed that if it is very random and not on the same topic every time I can watch a show or video on snapchat.

My problem is I can't stop watching a movie when it's bedtime. Sleep is so so so so important for adhd brains. Disinterest and hyper focus are both attention regulation issues.

I have the same issue, except with Reddit threads and Buzzfeed posts and quizzes lol

I'm the one who rewatches to remember. I will watch and do other things when I'm not into the show. SO, I try to watch more than one series to switch out each one whenever

I feel this. Recently though I've noticed that no matter how many back-up shows I have, I always end up bored with all of them. The struggle is too real

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