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vendor for bulk raws to mix rehydration salts?

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ive been using electrolye solutions to mitigate side effects of adderall treatment such as muscle cramping, brain fog and fatigue caused by the cns stimulation, modulated metabolism, improved hydrolysis, reduced urination and and increased sweating.

it works great, but they're expensive over time no matter the formulation: bulk powders, premixed drinks, packets, concentrated solutions, etc. (trust me on that, ive a huge ass spreadsheet collated from products on amazon 😖)

a friend told me about the world health organization's formula for rehydration salts:

- Glucose: 13.5 g/L

- Sodium Chloride: 2.6 g/L

- Potassium Chloride: 1.5 g/L

- Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate+: 2.9 g/L

i think i can do a bit better than this, and plan to add magnesium biglycinate, and replace the glucose/sugar with an artificial sweetener such as aspartame, akin to some of the powders and solutions i've used.

mag. biglycinate has good absorption parameters, and is key for mitigating the muscle spasms and tension. i have an increased rate of dental caries respective to others, so i'd rather not further my risk of that by consuming too much sugar since ill be using this in all of my water consumption throughout each day.

i need to find sources for some of these raws though and am asking for anyones help whod be willing and knoweldgeable enough to give it!

amazon seems unsuited for some of the these: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, trisodium citrate dihydrate. i dont trust vendors such as 'homelab chemical' 🤣 to not accidentally or intentionally adulterate, and im p sure the price with an industry chemical supplier would be more attractive. that said, theyre fine for others e.g. potassium chloride and magnesium biglycinate, and i already have established vendors for those who i trust the lab practices of.

what chemical distributors would be good for obtaining these at reasonable prices with minimal purchasing hassle i.e. would even sell to me, an individual (not a company/lab/institution), at amounts greater than what i'd find on store shelves but not so crazy as to require an order of dozens or hundreds of kilograms?


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some friends helped me out and i ended up with this haul:

- table salt w/o iodine or anticaking agents:

- NOW supplements potassium chloride powder (theyre a good enough brand for lab QA standards and such according to on average):

- optimized magnesium "micromag" by nootropic depot (reknown lab for good QA and chemical production standards/analysis):

- citric acid; already had some, and while most consumer vendors dont label it at such, its usually the trisodium variant. it was suggested to me by a biochemist to add sodium bicarbonate for concerns of tooth decay and i might do that later on if necessary and tolerable wrt taste

- aspartame; not much to say here, its pretty widely available:

as for mixing it up,,, well that'll be a whole other saga 😩 ive got measuring devices and such, but i'll need some mixing equipment, storage tubs, and to determine a quick and easy method to scoop for adding to my daily drinks.. 😓 that'll have to wait til another day i suppose

No help from me on the supply front, but I am absolutely curious about the mix you're using and the water/salt mixture you're using for the best effect. I'm currently buying these electrolyte tabs from the store, brand name "nuun hydration", and looking at your list has me thinking that I should be using something better. The sweating is REAL, I work out about 3-4 times a week and my shirt+ bandana is soaked through every time, so I know I have to be taking something and I'd like it to be the optimal something. If you could throw some advice my way, I would be forever grateful. Thank you.

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