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Seeking virtual study group

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Hi everyone. I'm new here. I was diagnosed a year ago aged 25 (mostly inattentive type). I'm really struggling to work from home. I'm doing a PhD currently, and before Covid, I relied heavily on going to the library to get my work done. I was hoping to find a group of people who might want to meet a couple of times per week and study together over zoom - maybe we can set small goals and applaud each others' progress! Does anyone know of something like this that already exists, or would anyone be interested in joining me in starting something up?

Thanks, Imogen

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I don’t know of anything like this that’s already happening, but that would be awesome! I know I could use anything that could help get me started on my work. Sometimes I’ll plan to study all day and then...the whole day is gone before I have even opened up my laptop LOL.

very relatable!! looking into setting up a discord server based on a comment below, will reply when I know more

Hi! I understand this all too well (work related rather than studying). What time zone are you in? 😊

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Funnily enough, I'm also 25 and working on a PHD, struggling against my own (long-known) ADHD. I've set up a Discord server to act as a study group for my own group, and so know how to do that again for another group. However, my own recommendation is that you find others in your cohort, studying the same subject at the same level, to act as your primary study group, and use this as a secondary hybrid study/support group. I'll still be happy to set up and run a Discord server for this if I see any indications of interest. I suppose that Zoom could maybe work too.

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interesting - i hadn't considered a discord server but this sounds good! my cohort is very small and don't struggle in the same way I do... so I'm keen to find likeminded ADHDers instead haha. it seems like there is some interest - would you be able to show me really briefly how you have set up your discord server? i'd appreciate any advice!

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My server is still basically on the "study group" preset, which is availible as an option when creating a new server. If you need any advice on setting up a Discord account or further advice on setting up a server, or would like me to quickly do the set up, just ask. If you do set up a server on your own, I'd appropriate an invite link.

I am ADHD and also pursuing a PhD, well, actually a DBA, but still... I am currently rewriting the dissertation proposal for submission to AQR. I rather loathe the rewriting process and would love to participate in a group.

great! looking into setting up a discord - will let you know

There's a Discord Group group called Common Studio.

3 one-on-one co-working sessions per week are free on Unlimited sessions are $5/month. You sign up for a session and get matched with a partner, announce which tasks you're going to be working on, work on those tasks for 50 min. with the camera on, and then tell the other person how much you got done at the end. (I don't have any stake in their company, I just wanted to share because this helps me so much & is much more affordable than coaching.)

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