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What funny habits do you have because of ADHD?

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I have several funny habits that I have realized are probably tied back to ADHD, often tied back to hyper-optimizing things or avoiding trivial tasks.

As someone newly diagnosed, it's been odd to realize many habits are just useless and don't truly save time, but I'll chalk it up to time-blindness.

* Button-up shirts: I only undo/do the top 3 buttons to "save time"

* I tie most of my shoes loosely so I can slip them on and off easily

* I wear ankle socks, because I fidget with my feet and higher socks just get pushed down

* I tend to leave clean clothes in the laundry basket. I prefer wrinkle-free fabrics/shirts because of this.

* I don't shave as often as I should.

What other funny habits have you all noticed you have? Trying to keep this light-hearted. Partially this is just for fun (need that) but also I hope it will help me and others spot how ADHD evidences in our lives.

Looking forward to some laughs.

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Those all make sense to me ;)

I set a million alarms, and snooze/ ignore them.

I buy self-help and workbooks and then don't read /complete them. I also have a lot of blank journals that are supposed to help me be a better/ more effective person.

I bought all the supplements everyone's ever recommended to help with ADHD, stress, anxiety and depression. At 41, I take more pills (mostly supplements and vitamins) than my grandmother ever did.

With my key fob, I typically will lock my car at least twice because I forget if I did the first time and my car has been proweled twice.

I repeat myself to others as a means to run it by them to make sure I didn't forget something, but they just find it annoying.

I'm pretty sure that if I have to turn around for something, that I always go the same direction, even if I have to take more steps.

When I walk the dogs, I use beeper collars on them, and I frequently walk out the door without the remote.

With pants I'm used to doing one button and one zipper. Add a third closure in there and my zipper is guaranteed to be down.

I make large batches of food so that I have meals for later on the week. I'm usually sick of the food by the end.

I prefer wrinkles to ironing or drycleaning.

I frequently forget to plan ahead and bring grocery bags to the store with me, and will typically walk out with my arms full.

I spilled coffee in my tent last weekend, twice, while actively concentrating very hard on not spilling it, yet little inattentions got the best of me.

I’m with you on the big batches of food, but honestly I don’t usually get tired of them. I’m just so relieved to have something to eat besides Beefaroni that only requires heating up! I got an Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker) and have three recipes that I rotate through: chicken stew, chili, and white bean soup. It makes three quarts, and I usually freeze some of each batch for days when I’ve run out. One of these days I need to find a 4th recipe….

Omg love the pressure cooker... Or the set it and forget it.. There are endless recipes on the web...

O yes. I love forgetting the bags to bring to the store. The worst part is I could be just outside my house but yet it's to far to go back in to get them.. So later at the store I find myself standing there saying it was only 60feet ugh...

And I have the attention of a squirrel, so if I need to know the time and look at my phone for it, I get derailed when I see a notification or decide to check something "real quick". I put old school analog clocks on the wall in my bedroom bathroom and main room. I think they help.

Analog Wall Clock

Visual reminders are helpful, so I purchased a massive whiteboard wall calendar and put it opposite my front entrance. I sync it with Google calendar and my Bullet Journal. I do find it helpful when I keep it updated. It's like a classroom for one. This One.

Massive white board calendar

I thought I was the only one, it is crazy that I do everyone of these habits.

From the alarms,books,list, notepads, forgetting clothes in the washer, vitamins, forgotten file boxes...

Are we twins? 😆 lol

I have been working with one hand behind my back for so long not having a clue that it was ADHD.

I was diagnosed as a kid so it's hard for me to tell you what is my ADHD and what is just me but there is one habit that gets on my coworkers and family members nerves that I have. I tend to spread things out and never put things in drawers or cabinets because i will forget they exist. I've only met 2 people that do it and that's my dad who has ADHD and my friend that got recently diagnosed.

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brego_mom in reply to PoTayTo

Years ago I got rid of my dresser and started using a bookcase for my clothes because out of sight is out of mind! Likewise with mail and other papers. I cleared my desk about a year ago and put all the papers into a file box, promising myself that I would review them within a few days. That box is still sitting on my living room floor. 🙄 I really should go through it this weekend. 😂

It's the weekend... go do it. You've got this.

Thanks for your encouragement! I just discovered Alerts and your response, and today is Monday but thanks to this reminder I’m putting into my BUJO for this weekend. 🙃

When cooking I usually can't wait for it to get done, I will almost finish it before it's done

Every clock in my house is set ahead, anywhere from 10 (the minium) to 20+ minutes. Why? Because adrenaline is my friend. Adrenaline makes me focus really well, and it scares the crap out of me when I need to be somewhere and the clock is so far ahead, at least for a small second I get an adrenaline hit when I notice the time , then I get my butt in gear to get out the door. If all my clocks were on time, I would look at the clock, say: "OH, I have 10 extra minutes...I should do X." Then I would forget about the time, be distracted and be late all the time to work or other meetings. Does Adrenaline fix anyone else's brain?

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Mymedsworeoff in reply to

O those are insane. When needing to do something getting so pump up only to realize I was supposed to do it days before realizing as I get a phone call saying we were supposed to me the other day... Oops....

in reply to Mymedsworeoff

Yep. Story of my life. I have so many check systems, and even with those, there are times I fail miserably. Like the other evening I got a super bad migraine. I went to bed early and slept till almost noon the next day. My 18 hour reminder popped up after I went to bed, and the 4 hour reminder popper up while I was still asleep late into the next morning. I missed my dentist appointment by a mile. Oppsie.

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