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Do you have a wild imagination?


I was thinking about asking my non adhd friend this question and then I thought I’d like to hear what people with adhd have to say.

Okay, so I feel kinda weird saying this because I never told anyone but I noticed that there will be times when something happens and I imagine myself reacting to the situation in a totally inappropriate way but it’s always in a Comical way at least the way I see it. For example, crap! I can’t remember an example. I guess what I’m saying is I have a very funny weird imagination and even though I think sometimes it would be hilarious if I did what I imagined doing in that moment but thankfully I control myself and don’t because I know the other person may not think it’s funny. Can anyone relate to this?

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Yes! I like to say it's that last ounce of control that stops me, though on occasion things can come out - and social media is not always my friend....but mostly as you say it's something funny. :-)

Yes. I hear you re social media. I’ve had to learn to back away and stand down at times. The first thing that comes to mind is not always likely to be the best idea to publish, at least in that context.

I can totally relate! Having a colorful and even comical imagination is one of the gifts of ADHD. That’s why we always make the best comedians, actors, musicians. True facts! Even if you do something else from9-5 you may have talents you have t even discovered. I for example became a professional musician , recorded original music and toured all over Europe, the Hawaiian Islands, the Carribean, Brazil, etc. All this after doing the cliche thing of “going to school and getting a good job” for years. I was 30 something when I got fired over a pretty inane (but hilarious) comment I made to my boss about him giving me the third degree. It was hard at first but that firing left me to face my passion and talent for music and the rest is history.

Moral of the story: Our greatest challenges are are greatest opportunities. Our “flaws” are sometimes our greatest gifts.

Unsolicited advice. Keep a notebook. Write down what comes to mind in those moments. You never know what Will become of it.

Yes, a vivid imagination is part of my personality and I'm right-brained so I'm creative, unorganized and tend to think outside the lines. I've really had to learn to reel this back in, because life takes practical application and many times I haven't wanted to follow the steps or rules to gain something that I need. This is so true in the workplace. A good imagination is an asset because it actually relieves pain and can alleviate times of boredom. God Bless!

YES EXACTLY HERE TOO ONLY I act on mine and Don't care what anyone thinks"I totally crack myself up at times imagining what I just looked like.lolsounds like some weirdo but Don't do anything that outlandish but sometimes later I think about my behavior and think Why Have I Never Grown Up and Act Like Others My Age?

(my husband wonders this all the time).I Hate Boredom and thinking about it now I guess I have always Loved Chaos or Drama.

Reading these posts (new to this site)I think WOW SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE ME I thought ONLY ME and was DEFINATELY Different!

I literally wear myself out all day doing NOTHING!

EXHAUSTED!! I really think time for med change been on Adderral for numerous years think too long? and tolerance has increased thinking poss.Vyvance but not hearing too many people saying HELPED A LOT thought poss.there was new med others might be on?My pretty much there for scripts ONLY!and let's you know after 5-10 minutes.

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