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ADHD Weekly -- Women Often Diagnosed with ADHD Later In Life

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Were you diagnosed with ADHD once your reached adulthood? Researchers are looking into why some adults -- and especially women -- seem to "develop" ADHD in their 30s or 40s. Could it be they've had it all along and were missed in childhood?

What do you think could prevent someone from being identified in childhood when it comes to ADHD? Read "Women Often Diagnosed with ADHD Later In Life " at for what researchers are considering as possible answers.

2 Replies
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I am one of those women who wasn't diagnosed until age 23. After having been to many therapists and psychiatrists since age 15, ADHD wasn't even as much as a mere afterthought. What a relief its been to finally understand why i am the way i am.

I was 40 when I figured out “what was wrong with me.” I didn’t know quiet girls could have ADHD. I grew up in the 70’s. ADHD was just for hyper boys. Glad y girls are growing up now. Their inattentive type was dx in Kindergarten / 1st grade.

I think gender expectations and the fact that girls aren’t as disruptive in class leads to a later dx usually. Puberty/middle or high school is when their EF coping skills fall apart.

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