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ADHD Weekly—What is your vision for your life?

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What is it that you want in your life? What is it that ADHD could be getting in the way of you achieving?

The executive director of CHADD's National Resource Center on ADHD talked with a recent conference-goer and asked him these question. You can read his thoughts at "What is your vision for your life?" at

Tell us, what is your vision for your life?

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ADHD is ruining my work life..

I agree. Its so hard to act normal. I have to continuously move and do things and it makes others uncomfortable.

You're right. "John" is a poet. He so powerfully captured the pain and yearning to be accepted. Is it a coincidence that "John" and several others who posted recently are nearing retirement age? I'm 59 and just fell into a chasm that is jeopardizing my work. Are the coping mechanisms that we develop through life harder to maintain as we age?

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I just turned 27 and have started to ask myself this same thing.

My problem with ADHD and OCD has put a hurdle in my way to maintain a job. I will start working in a place and one thing will constantly come between me and the job that i love because of a person... usually one person i cant function around. It makes me mentally ill to continue around them so i end up within a year quitting and moving on so not to cause a problem around everyone because of my dislike of the one person.

I hide in my home with my family doing things for them and running my life by volunteering to help others so i can control my involvement. When i am forced to work in a certain place.... i will shut down unless i want to be there.

ITS SO HARD!!!! I want to just say how i feel sometimes. i keep it to myself and quietly slink out. I had such a hard time in school growing up and having social situations be positive. I am guarded in all i do as to not seem like i'm different or a freak.

This is just some of the struggle daily.

It is hard, and you aren't alone in the struggle. Your comments resonate with my experiences. The hardest part for me is how impossible it is for a neuro-typical person to understand the difficulty, particularly in a work/group setting. I was once told in a performance review that I "didn't play well with others". That was long before my diagnosis, and I felt completely misunderstood, and it was the beginning of the end at that job. Even with more self awareness now, I still find myself isolated even with the most supportive work groups. The social aspects are the most challenging.

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