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A Novel About My ADHD Story

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I suspect my ADHD journey is not too different from everyone else’s, except that since I grew up in the ‘50s and ‘60s, there was no such thing as ADHD when I was young. I was always in trouble of one sort or another and back in those days, everyone blamed my poor parents for my erratic behavior.

Well, sometime during high school I discovered long distance running. Amazingly, after running ten miles, I found I could sit still and actually study. I basically ran my way through college and medical school, although looking back on it, I was also hyperfocusing—only this, too, was unknown to me.

When I was about forty-five I read “Driven to Distraction” and it became immediately clear to me that I had ADHD. Having a diagnosis explained so much of my past, but it took a lot of work and time for me to understand how this new knowledge could also be used to improve my current quality of life and my relationships.

I always felt like I wanted to give back to the ADHD community and possibly share some of the things I’ve learned along the way. I know there are hundreds of self-help books on ADHD (trust me, I’ve read quite a few), but I never discovered a work of fiction about ADHD. So I finally decided to write a novel in which the protagonist has ADHD and I based much of the story on my own experiences. I’m hoping that readers with ADHD, or with a loved one with ADHD, will find this story both instructive and inspirational. The name of the book is “Band of Wild Ones” and it can be found on Amazon.


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I’m going to check it out. I’m currently going though a huge financial stuggle, I would have lost my house by know if it wasn’t for my brother to help me out like he did. Any who, if you got a copy laying around and you feel like donating it I would so greatly appreciative, and if you want me to I can pass it on to someone else who I think will like it

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Loving. Sorry to hear about your financial struggles. Fortunately the book only costs $2.99 on Amazon. Hoping the new year brings you better fortune.

You’re very fortunate to have found a “thing” (in this case the happy accident of running) during your life that sustained and protected you. I wonder what happens, or doesn’t, for those who don’t have a “thing” happen for them.

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Unicorn51 I agree, I was a lucky one, although if you read my story you would say I was a very lucky one. I guess my advice would be for anyone with ADD, especially if they are hyperactive, is to try something like swimming, jogging or cycling. You have little to lose and at the very least you'll be in great shape.

How wonderful! I’ll look it up. I always wondered if I was ADD. If I was, it would be the inattentive type. I married an ADHD guy and both my young adult children are ADHD. I tried to get diagnosed by a psychiatrist but he wouldn’t buy it. I was a B student. I never missed turning in an assignment in college but I hated doing them! I have a great credit rating but that’s because I’m afraid of being late on a bill and being “in trouble.” We’ll, no matter what, I have anxiety and I also ran a lot as a younger person. I was also super into aerobics in college. I’m not young - 50’s now and I still like exercise to calm me down! I can’t wait to find your book!

Courtney85 thanks. I'm the same way, afraid to miss a bill or to miss an assignment. We all develop different skills to cope with our ADD, and it sounds like you've found some things that work for. It's crazy how difficult it is for women with inattentive type ADD to get a clear diagnosis. My daughter had the same problem. Have a great holiday season and a healthy and happy new year.

That’s really cool! Props to you, you beat me to it. I’ve always wanted to write a novel with an ADHD protagonist. I’m still in college though, so maybe someday I’ll write one too.

Yes! We need more stories where the hyperactive ones are the good guys :)

That is a great idea for a book!! I have just recently found my passion and outlet for my over active mind and it is painting. Apparently I can hyperfocus and do some good stuff if :D

Check out my original artwork at ambertoriginals.wixsite.com...

Would live to get some feedback and shares as I am a new artist :)

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