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Im new, how can I work part-time and attend full time in school at ease?


I am a student and I have a part time job. Its been hard for me because I am in a need of money and being stable. Currently I lost my scholarships and financial aid due to many incomplete semesters. I am trying my best to go to school and work part time at a fast food place. However I have been so stressed, and depressed lately of being inadequate. I suck at everything and its been a struggle. I have to be in school and financially I need a job. I cant quit one of them. I guess I just need advise of how people with ADHD overcome when having to have to go to school and work. Thank you.

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Change ur narrative. My first son was born halfway through my bachelors degree and I had no choice but to work full time, being the only parent bringing in income for my household while going to school full time simultaneously.

My second child was born during my masters degree and third during my PhD. I have worked full time he entire journey through school while continuing to be the sole income for this now house of 5.

You create your reality. If you tell yourself you suck at everything then it’s true. If you tell yourself you are wonderful, a hard worker, and you’ll make it through this degree no matter what, then that’s true as well.

ADHD has brought both pain and joy in my life at times. Sometimes both pain and joy occur simultaneously as a result of decisions I’ve consciously made related to my ADHD symptoms. But ADHD or not, one thing I can guarantee you is that you will never overcome anything by telling yourself you suck.

Hope this helps.

I understand, you're struggling and it's bringing you down. I also understand your need to vent and be honest about how you're feeling during this struggle, without worrying about being shamed for your feelings. Hang in there. Some things are harder for us than for others, everyone is different and no one is good at everything. Success is relative. Take one day at a time.

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