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Why are we constantly STRUGGLING?

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I will not answer that question in this post. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to answer that question. I do recognize that I have impulses and motivations that are very deep in me that affect my decisions daily. However, they don't seem to make any sense with no long term consideration. I feel as though I'm living without care sometimes. My wife would probably say the same thing. Why do we feel like we are struggling? Are we really just acting naturally? Are we broken people? Off-the-grid living looks better and better everyday.

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Well, that's a great question. I think the short and long of it is that we're all broken people who fall short. This is true for ADHD'ers and everyone else included. Yes, it's a broken world with broken systems and it's a spiritual problem. So the struggle is normal and at certain places in our lives it's very hard to care, and we're tempted to be passive. Hopefully you have a good support team that keeps you moving forward.

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thank you for the reply dgs2018

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I'm not sure if I feel like I am struggling. Don't get me wrong- I used to feel like I was struggling. But then I started helping myself. Yeah, I "seeked help" too, but then I fired my therapist because he was only making it worse.

Since I've started helping myself, I've manage to alter my model of reality so that I can wake up each morning seeing how well I'm thriving. I've also been able to see that every human on this earth struggles, it's part of being human. Some people struggle with cancer that keeps coming back, some struggle with loss of limbs or senses. I thrive with ADHD.

Sure I struggle like other humans- I'm forgetful, I don't always feel I belong in social circles because of my impulses, I get emotional flooding that isn't well understood socially and it makes me do impulsive things. But on the flip side I'm funny, creative, smart, I think very hard about things I'm passionate about. I'd say comparatively I'm doing pretty well.

I really like the notion of spreading my wellness across several different bins. For instance, my physical wellness gets a bin, so does my spiritual wellness, my occupational wellness, environmental wellness, etc... In other words, I take time to exercise, meditate, focus on my job (in moderation), and spend time hiking. I've found (and have been recommended this technique by many people and books) that focusing on bettering my health holistically allows me to maintain a healthy mind and general outlook on life. For instance if somethig bad used to happen at my job, I'd feel like my life is over. I've got 4 others relying on my paycheck on top of a mortgage, car loans, college loans, etc.. Now that I've spread my wellness across these buckets, I can rely on my physical and spiritual wellness to get me through the situation without losing my will, which actually strengthens my mental/emotional wellness AND occupational wellness that much further (since I can go to work the next day without a grudge).

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Totally relate to this post. I dream of off the grid

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We struggle because we are not focused on the present moment only, so we always need anything else that is missing

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