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The "Right" Language


I've discovered that its hard for me to communicate what I want to say with people without ADHD. It's just that "the language" we use is different. So... I'm gonna throw some terms from ADHD-speak out there, and hopefully it'll resonate with people and spark up some conversations and new insights!

1) "An inexplicable urge to ride your bike around the neighborhood. At midnight."

If someone said they had this urge and acted on it, I'd immediately know they were ADHD. Things I have done at midnight or later -- DURING THE WORK WEEK:

- Baked a cake (for no occasion)

- Julienned a whole bag of carrots into exactly uniform sizes

- Rode my bike around various neighborhoods.

- Wrote a computer program to deal poker hands millions of times and count how many times each type of hand comes up (pair, flush, full-house, etc);

What are some thoughts or experiences you others of the tribe have had ???

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I am new here too and have a similar diagnosis. I also find myself having a difficult time communicating with people both with and with out ADHD. I find myself saying, "Do you know what I mean?" frequently as well as being unable to stay on topic. Another issue I find, especially with my spouse is that I want to share more than he can handle listening too ; ) I could text all day long and still get my work done at my job.

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