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Understanding connections between ADHD, Nutrition, Hypoglycemia, and PTSD has changed my life from twilight To a bright dawn!


Nutrition is one of the most important topics that can be discussed for anyone and even more so for those with ADHD. As the foods we eat have a very serious effect upon ADHD symptoms which are sometimes coexisting with other health disorders that go unnoticed because of the overlapping causes and affects.

We can not always distinguish what our bodies need if they are already in an unhealthy cycle. We have to become fully self aware of symptoms that we may have always taken for grated as normal, and have now become complacent to them. Everyone with ADHD should do some research on the correlation between diet and ADHD - as a standard beginning to take control over their symptoms like never before.

For example, let me summarize breifly what happened to me a few weeks ago that has changed my life. And started a recovery process that i have needed my whole life. When i made my first post on this forum a few weeks ago i had been pushed into a position that inflamed all my ADHD conditions to unprecedented levels, completely crippling my ability to function as needed. Including new stress related anxiety and headaches.

This situation caused me to reach out to gain awareness here and in various google researches as i typed in all abnormalities i could identify from my behavior, mood, and habits. The result is that i found out that i have suffered my whole life with hypoglycemia. Which also amplified ADHD symptoms. Just to give a brief idea: from always waking up at 3am needing to eat, Sugar cravings, to:

* Irritability, light-headedness, dizziness, or brain fog if meals are missed

* Lack of appetite or nausea in the morning

* The need for caffeine for energy

* Eating to relieve fatigue

* Energy crashes in the afternoon

After reading some great PDFs, "hypoglycemia for dummies" being very complete, i now have changed my diet and my life is totally different. And even the "executive functioning" challenges of ADHD are becoming exceedingly more manageable. I could good through the whole list that we all know so well and talk of improvements, yet i will keep this short and emphasis two other points.

The way it seams Nutrition and other serious (often unnoticed) factors like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) have seriously compounded my life's problems from periods of extreme debilitating depression in my late teens to several current health challenges.

NOW! Its a whole new outlook with feet finally on level ground instead of fighting to get out through what always before felt like a step incline at its best moments, and quicksand at the bottom of a pit at others.

So even though this was an abstract summary i tried to give some key words to help each one in their own research, because knowledge and awareness empowers change and gives validation where needed.

So please do your self a favor and take your nutrition seriously because it affects your whole life, and many of the big corporate agendas are hurt by your awareness, so proper knowledge is often suppressed. So Everyone needs to understand that it is their responsibility to avoid the traps. I could give many examples over the last years how changes in nutrition had major changes in my life at very serious levels.

May we all find freedom in ADHD!

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What a great read! Lots of good info to keep the healthy lifestyle chain going.

My biggest weaknesses were my high sugar intake + the lack of green vegetables. The abuse and neglect of those two played a HUGE role in my poor mental health.

But now, since I've taken control of that, I couldnt imagine going back to my old ways because of how tought it was to get out! But it's all totally worth the fight guys/gals! Keep spreading the truth buddy. Cheers! 🤗

Yes, my friend i found myself in the same situation with sugar abuse, and massive neglect of fruits and vegetables - especialy green leafy ones. In addition i had a huge coffee issue, drinking several big cups a day like shot glasses.

For me it all changed when i had to start researching nutrition and natural health treatments for the goats i was taking care of. Then, a whole knew world of awareness opened up to me as i learned about human nutrition and its roles in our health from a naturopathic medical perspective. I learned the importance of teeth care like never before, and learned how to identify wild edible greens to increase my vitamin and mineral intake which my body was deprived of with a 90% monotonic intake of spaghetti with shredded cheese, salt, oil, and the occasional egg and onion.

Needless to say i had a long way to go and its been a great journey. One that i finally start seeing big results in, as i have been trying to again muscle mass for years with failure despite 18 hour work days of hard labour. Needless to say my diet was the big inhibitor and now with one hour weigh training in the morning i start seeing and feeling a big improvement. Which is important for overall health mental and physical as well as ability.

Glade to hear you kicked your own ass in the right direction before your bad habits beat you down too much.

Take care my friend, freedom in ADHD is a boundless destination with endless potential.

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