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I am 33 and have now finally gotten serious about what I have long suspected, that I am part of the ADHD community. I am scheduled to visit a PCP in about a month. I live in an extremely rural area so psychiatrist and others who can diagnose have a long waiting list. There have been some quoted at having to book out 6-9 months ahead.

My wife of just over a year now, has been the driving force behind pursuing this diagnosis. She has seen and experienced some of the issues with ADHD with me and wants to see me succeed. I work in Marketing Sales and the struggle for the past year and half has become more difficult. I'm missing deadlines and details. This is affecting my billing which is not good for long term employment. As I stated earlier, we are in a rural area so when you have a job like I do, you hold on to it. I want to keep my job and thrive at it. There are many great benefits to it. I get to go to recitals, dances, games and anything else our 5 year old girl is into.

I'm trying my hardest right now to get through each day and accomplish even minimal tasks. I am fortunate that my boss knows me and understands what is going on. I need to get on track.

I'm looking for any advice or tips to help me get this sped along when I go see my PCP next month. This process is new to me. I haven't even been to the PCP for over 10 years. My general health has been good and I was uninsured through my 20's.My family can't afford for me to struggle like this for much longer. Enough is enough!!

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I don't have much advice as I'm in the evaluation phase as well but wanted to offer moral support. I searched for someone who specializes in adult adhd and asked my PCP for a referral to them. Now I'm just waiting for that to get approved and hoping the wait time isn't too long. I'll be traveling about 90 minutes for this specialist but I need to be absolutely sure and didn't want to go to someone unfamiliar with this. I hope the process goes quickly and smoothly for you. Good luck!

Yes as Nova says. Look into a ADHD specialist whom your insurance covers and get your PC to get you a referral. Maybe they can even make it an emergency referral.

Thank you! I'm frustrated at myself for knowing all along that I should have addressed this YEARS ago. It took me 10 years to get through college. I knew then and did nothing. I lived in fear of finding larger issues or even worse, finding out there wasn't anything wrong and that maybe I'm not equipped. As time and maturity has come, so has understanding.

Thank you

Thanks to the illness I owe 75k in college debt and still have yet to finish. It's horrible. My husband is the one who finally said I think you need to check into why you have these issues.

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