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New here, New to ADHD, looking for guidance



I am a 26 year old male and the past few years have been rough for me as far as attentiveness and focus both in my personal life and at work. My forgetfulness and lack of attention is un-explainable some times. Just last week I turned on the kitchen sink to fill it up for dishes and then left the room because I had to ask my wife a question. Five minutes later I hear water spilling and come back to a flooded kitchen floor. Plus we live in an apartment so it's not like I was that far from the kitchen, just completely forgot.

I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten my keys or (insert random object) when leaving home. I find myself starting one task and starting a different ask even when that one isn't done. At work, I go between getting nothing really done for hours to completing huge projects in a short amount of time. If I do not write down a task someone asked me to do, I will literally forget we even had the conversation.

It is hard to hold conversations with people and whenever I have a thought during a conversation I instantly have to say it (I don't know why). Interrupting conversations and forgetting details and requests is hurting my relationship with my wife and I want that to end.

I don't seem to have too much problem with restlessness but one or two times a week I will be sitting at home in the evening and have the uncontrollable urge to get up and go. My world seems to race by, I feel like I am talking faster and I either have to go for a walk or lay down on the floor till the feeling goes away.

I am seeing my family doctor on the 30th who has some experience with ADHD. I just want answers and don't want to go in assuming I know if I have ADHD or not. How can I best go about this and getting the help I need?

Thank you for reading and any assistance.

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Hi and welcome to the group. One simple suggestion, when you're leaving your car, going into work/home, you ask yourself: Wallet, keys, glasses, phone. Do I have these items? It actually works and has helped me from having to make too trips back somewhere. Hope this can work for you.

I have been wearing my keys, hooked to my belt/purse loops by a carabiner, for the past 30 years! I was only diagnosed 4 years ago though. Diagnosis and meds (Adderall) have been wonderful...definitely start there but if your "family doctor" doesn't help go find someone who will! Once you're on meds you can develop some memory strategies...I keep a notebook at work called My Brain and write everything down. I use email at work so that I can have a copy of conversations. Also I take pictures of steps in various processes, and other things I need to remember. And....I tell people without embarrassment..."I need this in writing because I don't have good capacity to remember it". Best to you!

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