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Treatment options for ADHD


New mom to 14yr old with ADHD, was seeing psychologist for 8months , just fired her yesterday. She was always threatening and negative and forgetful of our conversations. We would see her for weekly visits and she expected many demands to be completed within that week. She never dealt with anxiety issues that went along with ADHD. She was forcing my son to join a group at school when she knows he has anxiety this is difficult task.

I was looking for support and celebrate the positives, the small victories. She over looked them and focused on what he didn't do.

My belief is everything is a process and it takes time to get to a certain point, it shouldn't be forced.

This was our first psychologist and it has left me feeling betrayed and untrusting.

I am looking for compassion, understanding, positive feedback, work together kind of approach. Maybe I want to much?

One thing for sure is that I should have scared or worried feelings when paying for psychologist to help my son. They work for us help us..not destroy any hope.

She wanted him to drop classes if he failed!! Without thinking maybe he could get extra help first with tutoring..she wanted to be in control of his life. That's when I put my foot down, he is my son, and we will exhaust all possibilities before dropping a class besides he still has 2 marking periods left...he has chance to pass!!

Has anyone experienced this before?

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I have not dealt with this, but I am sorry to hear you've gone through it.

Make sure the next one understands the complexities of adhd! Some say they do but they really don’t understand. I’m still trying to find someone that works with adults with adhd/asd. Hard to find

Hi Teddybear, I completely agree with you and understand why you feel betrayed by this psychologist. It is indeed difficult to find a good one that really "gets it" about adhd.

When my son was young and I was dealing with all his ADHD issues, he had very low self esteem and I would take him to a psychologist. The first one I tried asked why we were there and then proceeded to tell my son that he was a handsome boy doesn't that make him feel better about himself? Needless to say I never went back to her. Second one I tried seemed a little better at first, but after several sessions it was clear he really wasn't doing much more than giving my son puzzles to do. Also he seemed more interested in me. He was very intense, gave me the creeps and made me seemed he wanted to psychoanalyze me..I distinctly remember the last time we went there he asked me "do you have racing thoughts?"

Finally found a gem of a psychologist, a gentle compassionate warm man who really wanted to help my boy. But by that time my son would not open up.

I didn't intend to make this about me, just that I get you and sympathise with you. has a psychologist finder that you can filter for where you live as well as for specialties. Good luck and God bless.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your experience, sometimes I feel all alone in this journey. ❤

You're welcome. 😊 You are definitely not alone in this. Give us an update if/when you find a good one.

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