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Correlation Between ADHD subtype and Libido

There is a strong correlation between ADHD subtype and Libido. This stems from the differences in neurochemistry of the 3 subtypes. From my studies I frequently encountered information mentioning how people with the Hyperactive subtype are constantly looking for things/activities to make them feel good (the next fix so to speak), and sex is definitely on that list since it alters the neurochemistry increasing the reward system neurotransmitters and relaxing neurotransmitters. Unfortunately because of this, bad and impulsive decision making when it comes to intimacy are of common occurrence, and so are cheating/affairs (this goes for either gender). The combined subtype of ADHD is the most common subtype of ADHD, and growing up I was around lots of combined types who were always in the mood and would constantly bring it up. Lots of Hyperactive types and Combined types have what is called Hyper-sexuality (unusually high sex drive).

I have Inattentive ADHD, and if you've read some of my posts or seen some of my videos, then you know and understand how Inattentive types are really different from Hyperactive types and some combined types. A good amount of Inattentive types like myself have what is called Hypo-sexuality (low sex drive). This stems because our reward system is quite low and those higher levels of neurotransmitters needed are not available. So during intercourse it is not surprising if the partner with Inattentive ADHD is uncomfortable physically, itchy, annoyed, and just waiting for the experience to end and be over with. Worst of all, once orgasm is reached, the small amount of reward system neurotransmitters you previously had will be below what they were before the experience. This can or will make you feel sad, upset, drained, and with no motivation. Combining this information of the uncomfortable feeling during the experience and the depressing feeling afterward, it came to no surprise to me why many people with the Inattentive Subtype of ADHD have a low sex drive. This can cause a huge problem, especially in a relationship, where resentment is built because of lack of understanding/communication and affairs can/are sought after. ADHD medication can lessen the sex drive even more unfortunately.

Thankfully though there are solutions to this issue.

For the Hyperactive and Combined types: The supplement L-tryptophan is a Serotonin agonist and will help the mind/body feel more at ease, and will help with the impulsive decision making to a good extent (you still have to put in the work and the effort).

And for my Inattentive Type brethren. Vitamin B-12 1000mcg Methyl-Form (the most bioactive type). I kid you not I thought I was Fabio for a while there, and yes I could believe it was butter (pa-da-dishhh). Anyway joking aside, I researched that some people with ADHD have an issue with a transporter that works with transporting/converting B-12 in our body, and guess what, B-12 works with our good friends Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin, which all of us with ADHD lack. Multivitamins usually contain a very small amount of B-12, like 50mcg and it is usually the Cobalamin form which is not as bioactive as Methyl form. Keep in mind it is microgram not milligram. A 1000mcg of B-12 might sound like quite a bit, but since our bodies cannot convert it or make it as good, we need that extra amount. So if you are of the Inattentive type and want to greatly increase your libido, take B-12 1000mcg Methyl form and start hitting up the gym and your libido will greatly increase. B-12 will also help with the gym. I highly recommend either of the supplements R-Alpha Lipoic Acid or Acetyl L-Carnitine for a great smooth work out since I know having ADHD and working out can be very uncomfortable. Links to the supplements are on my profile if you're interested, as well a playlist of Barry White's greatest hits for afterwards (joking about Barry, but the supplements are there).

Here is a article of what I was talking about.

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Another great post! Thank you for the info and explanation... B-12 here I come!

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