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Remembering faces

First I'm not a native English speaker so u may notice that my grammar isn't anywhere near good anyway

I have most of adhd symptom but i don't know if anyone had the same problem I have.

it's very hard for me to remember faces even if I know them. for example I was in a wedding and someone asked me about a woman who is she? I looked to her face and it took me a few seconds until I realised she was my aunt, that for my relatives for other people I don't remember until they tell me whch but me in a very awkward and embarrassing situation

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Working memory is a big struggle for ADHD.


Hello! That is called prosopagnosia or faceblindness. I don’t think it is related to ADHD but I also don’t know if that has been studied. I also have both. Famous people with prosopagnosia include Oliver Sacks and artist Chuck Close.

There is a developmental form of prosopagnosia that is highly heritable. My faceblindness came from my dad’s side of the family and my ADHD from my mom’s side. So that is another thing making me think they are not related.


Thank you at least now I have a name for it I'm sad and relieved at the same time I don't know why almost the same feeling when I diagnosed with ADHD cause now I know it's not my fault

Thank you again


This is some sort of totally freaky coincidence! Immediately after I read your message, I went to my email to find this in my inbox. Weird.....


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