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Adderall Tolerance and Lexapro Issues

Hi, I'm a 34 year old male who's been struggling with ADHD/depression for years. I'm currently taking adderall 30mg XR and 30mg IR and Lexapro 10mg, but experiencing issues with both. I've built up tolerance to Adderall to the extent that it is essentially no longer helpful and the Lexapro has completely blunted my emotions as well as my sex drive. Anyone else experience similar issues and willing to share how you've dealt with these issues? Thanks so much!

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Wow I also take adderall 25 mg and lexapro 10 mg and i feel just like you with both of them

So if you found a solution let me know


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Adderall XR gave me more difficulty than relief. I took it for a year or two in my early 30's with success, but increased my heart rate to uncomfortable levels at times. I tried it again in my late 30's and Adderall XR left me tearful and depressed. I've found more success with Vyvanse and Concerta for the last 8 years. Usually after 4 or 5 years, I need to switch the from Vyvanse to Concerta or vise versa. I just recently switched back to Vyvanse and I am having success with it. I also take Zoloft and have taken it with success in combination with the adhd medication. My diagnosis is ADHD and more of anxiety than depression. Let me know how you all are doing!


First off, unfortunately, most SSRI/SNRI/TCAs have awful effects sexually. The only drug used to treat depression without major sexual side effects is Wellbutrin, and this is not a good drug without an SSRI/SNRI. I’d talk frankly with your doc about treatment for ED. That being said, stimulants also kill sex drive.

I have been taking Adderall for over 10 years. I started on XR, but I needed a boost later in the day, so I took IR early afternoon. What I do now, and this has worked for me for about 5 years, is take Vyvanse 70mg with Adderall IR 30mg when I get up. I have an Adderall IR 15mg booster in the afternoon. I also take a drug holiday (a day or two without anything and sometimes just dropping my IR doses for a few days). This has been the MOST effective way to treat my ADHD after years of struggling. Now, there are some psychiatrists who freak out about this because it’s a lot of stimulant, but if yours is not working, please advocate for yourself. Only you know your body.

As far as depression, Lexapro is not that great from my experience and others I’ve known. Have you ever tried an SNRI like Cymbalta? I’ve taken it for at least 10 years with wonderful success. If your depression is overwhelming, a change is in order. I prefer to see a therapist along with my medication. Some people aren’t open to that or have had terrible experiences. Sometimes talk therapy, not strictly CBT, is a good way to manage things as they come.

One last note. If mood is an issue, ask about a mood stabilizer. They all have risks because many are also used for seizure disorders, but there is usually one that you can do well with. Lamictal is what I take and it greatly reduced my irritability. It’s also not a heavy hitter in treatment of seizures, it’s use is as an add on therapy (rarely monotherapy).

I hope this helps! I’ve been through the wringer with depression, anxiety and ADHD. You can get help, you just have to be your best advocate. Do research about the meds (and your illnesses), and my preference is to stay with sources like NCBI,, and others that are more reputable than medscape and others. I wish you many better days to come!


I agree with you. Everyone is different. What may seem like “a lot” of stimulants to one person may just be the perfect prescription for another person. I too, take a day or two off of the stimulant every once in a while. I think that has helped me stay on the same medication for so many years with little adjustments along the way.

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