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Help CHADD improve the lives of people affected by ADHD. If each of our followers give $5 we can provide training to 1,000 parents and caregivers, 1,000 educators, and distribute 10,000 educational resources. Make your donation at

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Your family sounds like mine growing up. Surface talk only, nothing about feelings. And I am also still searching for the best blend of meds for ADHD/Anxiety/Depression. Been off everything except Vyvanse for about 4 weeks now and I'm struggling big-time. Looks like I'm gonna need to go back on something, plus get back into therapy. It ain't easy, but we have to do it! Keep plowing through it!

Hey Robert I was wondering I understand your ADHD/anxiety/depression is really bad but have you ever thought you telling yourself what if I just try. I personally only use Vyvanse I understand there is as there can be mild ADHD as it can be severe, but I am not managing my ADHD anymore. I am learning ways to cope with it everyday since everyday I feel it is a new day, but I want to love it because ADHD me did not deserve all the cruelty from the world and neither do you honestly. I like your energy keep going and keep doing it because believe me it is all worth.

I like your piece that you written, I am learning to cope but it dose get hard at times i do agree

Hi Karen, I am actually reaching out to you to see if you can connect me to an ADHD support group in or around Bridgeport, CT including Norwalk, Westport, Milford, Fairfield, and/or Stratford, CT. I can't locate one. Thank you in advance for how you can assist me. Kingsley1

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Hello Kinsley1,

I'm sorry to tell you we don't have an CHADD groups in Connecticut. You cna check nearby states at .

Talk with your child's doctor and ask if she is aware of any support groups in the area. You can also check with the school and the local social services agencies for possible groups. I'm sorry that I can't connect you to a group.

Best regards,


CHADD's National Resource Center on ADHD

There’s no affiliate group in Austin, TX. I would love to start it. How do I make that happen, please?

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