Hello! I am new here and new to ADHD. I was diagnosed earlier this past year with ADD and anxiety, my kids were diagnosed at the beginning of last year. I and have been trying to find support to help me through this struggle so I can better help my kids through theirs. I am 38 years old and have 5 children, all with varying types and degrees of ADHD and 4 of them suffer with anxiety as well, one kiddo also has moderate Autism. My husband may have ADD as well but hasn’t been diagnosed however he is a very big support for the kids and I but even with his support I just feel so lost and alone in the struggle with it. The kids are medicated and doing so much better now that we have things managed with them but there is still so much I feel lost on when it comes to helping my family thrive with the struggles that we all face especially when I am struggling so much with my own feelings of being discouraged, depressed, and feeling hopeless that I will ever be consistent/stay consistent, and achieve all I want and need to achieve, etc. I am tired of feeling like a failure all the time, of feeling lost and unsure as well as being able to stay on top of things. Dealing with your own ADD is hard enough but add helping others with theirs makes me feel like I am drowning sometimes. I am on medication for my anxiety that does help with the ADD a little, kind of a two in one pill, but what more can I do? What is out there to help me and my family function better, etc.? I want to be more successful in everyday living, like the finances, managing the household, bettering my relationships with others...especially my husband, etc. I want to feel successful and be successful and see my kids feeling the same thing.

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  • You are ok. Just keep on doing what you are doing

  • Thank you!

  • I know exactly how you feel. But you will find success, your family’s love is success.

  • Thank you!

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