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New to this & new to ADHD

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Hello , new to this and already found myself distracted in here lol I’m 33 , diagnosed with adhd/ add combination along with general anxiety and social anxiety a few months ago . After finally getting help and some long testing, getting my diagnosis was a relief. Everything made sense ! I’m taking Adderall xr 10 mg , I still find myself distracted . I’m also on Zoloft for my anxiety . I’ve been on concerta but that made me feel sleepy and exhausted, moved to Adderall xr 5mg and was fine but a few weeks later I was back to being distracted. Now I’m starting to feel like that on 10 mg . I feel embarrassed to ask my doc to up it again . Anyone had a similar experience?

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I think you should be completely honest about it. 10 mg is low so going higher may help find the right amount to help you focus. Don’t be afraid to speak out and ask for help. Your doctor needs your input and most of the time they start you off low to see how the side effects are. I will start taking Adderall XR 15 mg tomorrow and it will be my first time on Adderall wish me luck lol. You’ll be fine just keep pushing forward.

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Thank you for your advice , I gave it more time and realized that it was my anxiety medication (Zoloft) that was not working anymore . We switched to Effexor and so far it’s been great . How are you doing one Adderall?

Welcome LaJefa

DeeMarie is right, you need to be completely honest with your doctor. He/ she can make the adjustments you need.

I kept a journal daily on how I felt, and anything I noticed changing. Also if someone told me I was getting easily frustrated..... helped me get on the right meds a bit more easily and faster than trying to remember. It takes time so don’t give up.

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Thank you for your advice, that’s a great idea . I will definitely begin keeping notes on how I feel . I had to give it time and re-evaluate my medications , it’s was the anxiety med that stopped functioning. Thank you once again .

I felt the same way when changing meds, but I’ve learned that adhd offers this painful and uncomfortable sensitivity and most of the embarrassing and negative feelings are created by our own thoughts and now I try to change the thought processes and with the doctor problem I tell myself that I’m the costumer and pay them good money to help with my health issues. Stand up for what you want.

That is so true . I’ve definitely always had that mind set because i felt uncomfortable but it’s a work in progress and I know I’m not the only one . Thank you for your words 😊

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