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Ashwagandha and thoughts

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Ashwagandha any thoughts about it? Our daughter is in Vyvanse for her ADHD and has done really well. She was also on Zoloft for a short period but developed ticks so she is off and not on and meds for her anxiety. Our daughter is high functioning. We are now and currently looking at other options as well as changing therapist because we feel that after several years of therapy she should be further along with her coping skills. Her therapist is going on maternity leave so this seems like a good time . We are looking into Ashwagandha for her and sounds beneficial to help with her anxiety. Any insight would be great.

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Following. I was actually researching this last night myself.

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Thank you for sharing and share your findings

I bought some Ashwaganda gummies for my son's anxiety disorder. I give one to him at night before bed. I haven't really seen that it's had much affect but the dosage might be low.

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Thanks for the reply. How long has he been taking them and how how old is he? We ordered a 1300mg dose and waiting for it to ship out. Our daughter is 16yrs, 5' 5" and weights about 160lbs. All the best and please keep us posted.

Hi My husband used to take ashwaganda. He has ADHD as well but I can’t remember exactly why he was taking it at the time. I just want to put a word of caution out there about it. He had a doctor from India actually surprised that people are allowed to use this so freely here. It is not a supplement/medication to take lightly. I would find a very knowledgeable practitioner before giving it to kids. My husband stopped taking it after working with that doctor. He didn’t realize how serious it was. Just an FYI. Sorry I can’t remember more details and be more specific but I do remember that it was a big deal at the time. Good luck. I know medication for kids is hard. We have our own struggles with our ADHD diagnosed kiddo.

Thank you for sharing, we are on day 2 of taking it so we will see how things go.

My 8 year old son takes Bacopa Monnieri. I know this herb is different than ashwaganda but I have seen improvements in his behavior overall.

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Thank you so much for sharing your insights with me.

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How much Bacopa and what blend? This is in my list as well.

We are using Creekside Naturals Anxiety Blend and so far so good. They make a teen version.

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