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New diagnosis of ADHD for my 6 year old son

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Hello, I am so grateful for this community. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and coming together to try and help all of our kids. My 6 year old son was just newly diagnosed with ADHD yesterday after 6 months of neuropsychological and educational testing. I have already notified the school and will be sitting down with them and his teacher soon, but I cannot get an appointment until December for his pediatrician for a medication treatment evaluation. Does anyone have advice on what I can do in the meantime to best help him? I am trying to learn all I can about kids with ADHD and there is SO much information out there it is overwhelming.

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You can do this momma! Try telemedicine. Call around. You should be able to find someone even if it isn't in person. Am going through this myself and my son is 6 too. We can do this!

Find a child psychiatrist - you could ask your pediatrician for referrals. I had to call 10 until I found an immediate opening, but you will have more choices if you go this route vs. waiting for your pediatrician.There are child psychiatrists who specialize in ADHD medication management. Ours has been very knowledgeable!

Good luck! Meds have made all the difference for us.

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thank you so much that is helpful! question- do the psychiatrists do any therapy or do they just prescribe?

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Ours just prescribes. We have a separate therapist.

This may be a good time to focus on what triggers the more inappropriate behavior and see what things can be avoided, if any 😂 I’m pretty sure my 4 yr old may have adhd (following in old brothers behaviors) and I’m trying to change how I act towards him when a tantrum happens. Might help in the meantime?

Definitely go directly to a center that specializes in ADHD or a psychiatrist. We went to our pediatrician first and wasted a month only to be told we need to go to a specialist after the appointment.

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Thanks yea I actually made another appointment with a child psychiatrist sooner than the pediatrician so hopefully we can get on something soon.

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